Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tynietoy Townhouse

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Antiquing today!

Out and about in Pennsylvania.  Leymone Antique Mall, today.

Early 1900 C. hand made dollhouse.

                        Fiberboard dollhouse.
           Such a cute porch with dutch benches.

                     Another fiberboard house.

What? Are only houses with red roofs out today?

                      Cute tin car repair shop.

        But no fighting over antiques! (eek!)

Saturday, February 20, 2016


And I'm saying this in many ways!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ha ha ha ha!


Friday, January 1, 2016

Nantucket Cottage by Mel Davey with Tynietoy furniture

This is the dollhouse I found at auction. It is a Nantucket Cottage made by Mel Davey.

Here it is after I brought it home. It is next to my Tynietoy Townhouse. The neighborhood is getting better.

I especially wanted this cottage to use with my Tynietoy garden pieces, the arch and benches and sundial. 

It is said Mel Davies wife painted the hollyhocks on the cottages.
This is a rather old and worn Tynietoy garden bench so it must be comfortable. 

The kitchen is just right for this Lynfield kitchen set. It is often mistaken for Tynietoy as that company made bench sets too, but the design is distinctive to Lynfield. I really like the bright colors.

The living room has a distinctive back wall. I placed a painting from our friend Neen's mother in the back as it matched the airy feel of the cottage nicely.

This snappy doll in her summer linen is visiting the Nantucket cottage.

 Here are two views of the upstairs bedroom.

The little space under the slanted roof is just enough room for a bathroom. 

I understand Mel Davey had a website. I want to learn more about him but if you google him today you find a young lady named Mel Davey on Facebook. I will share with you what I learn. More to follow.
Happy New Year! Cheers CM

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Antique auctions

Neither sleet nor rain could prohibit today's journey for today is the day we went to Carversville.

Excuse my finger in this picture, I was so excited.

 To an old Mill town founded in the 1780's, to this little house nestled by a stream which houses Noel Barrett Auctions.

 Surrounded by charming old houses,
 To meet Noel Barrett of Noel Barrett Auctions. I was picking up a new dollhouse for my collection.
You may have seen him on Antiques Roadshow, discussing Tynietoy.

 Not this Gottschalk or this charming little Silbert & Flemming, waiting for someone else,

             Nor this interesting modern house,
I think it's  Rich, it has celluloid spray painted windows and plants like my Rich Tudor House. 
                      Nor this mechanical one!
                     So much to look at!
So we loaded it up and drove 2 hours home. 

                 Look at this abandoned house.

                           Back through Quakertown,

                       Past harvested fields.

 So different from California, where it is so much more densely populated. And my house? I really needed it for my collection! Next post. Cheers and Happy New Year! CM