Sunday, August 28, 2011

Final guest post: The honeymoon from Sans

Sans sent this inspirational photo. Oh I can smell the flowers and taste the cake. "All you need is LOVE, everybody" now where have I heard that before...
After the wedding? The honeymoon! Enjoy this inspiration from her recent trip to Bali, and check out these pictures and more from her blog.

And where is my ElderAssistant and her husband headed??? The Bahamas of course...

Thank you Sans for this loveliness! MOB,now MIL (Mother in Law), too! Cheers C

Friday, August 26, 2011

On to Pennyslvania

So we continue on to the Antiqueing part of the trip. We drive to Pennsylvania and go to work.

And what happens? We are in a shop in Shrewsbury and the depression glass plates start rattling and the floor rolls. I ask, "is that an earthquake?" and the shop owner says "No that's just a truck going by".

Well, I am not from California for nothing... It was a rare earthquake on the Eastern Seaboard. The store owners went and stood in the door frames in case of after shocks. Everyone's cell phones went off with the big news. 

We were like, "Excuse me... how much is this..." but the owners were busy comparing damages. There were none. Anywhere. Just some cans on the floor of some grocery stores in Virginia.

Oh and did I tell you I hate to fly, lost my xanax and a hurricane is headed this way... The good news? It poured rain the weekend before the wedding, and New Jersey is having a hurricane warning this coming weekend, so I guess my Elder Assistant lucked out with the perfect weather for her wedding in between! Oh, and I now own 19 dollhouses... going through security with it was fun, it has old wiring. Cheers C

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Daphne holds Colette's hand through the wedding

Shale helps me get the Bride to the Chrurch on time.

Photos by Shale

                                 Face us little flower girl!

For the adventures of Daphne and Colette go to  Shale's blog. Click

Photos, photos  and  more photos... it gets tiring smiling...

YAY! On to the reception!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guest post from Rebecca's Collections

 Well love must be in the air! These Erna Meyer dolls are getting married too!

               How sweet are they? Is this a 1950's bride and groom?

              The Groom in this one looks like Mr. Darcy to me!
              For more go to:
  and check out the beautiful wedding pictures from her family! They are so historic.

                     Cheers for Australia!  Thank you Rebecca,
                                  it will truly be a G'day for us! C

Update: OK so every wedding has it's own stories... My Elder Assistant informed me the Groom got a black eye! How?  This weekend, being a nice family kind of guy he went to his sister's high school daughter's graduation party. He went down a waterslide and the foot of a little boy kicked him in the face. Presto a swollen eye. Everyone assures me it will be gone by the wedding but maybe HE will have to wear the veil! Honestly! Tell your children to elope! The good thing is his whole family was there to witness it so they won't think he is being coerced into marriage... MOB (mother of the Bride)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Guest Blog by Mini Modern

Thank you Mini Modern for guest blogging for me this week as I am off to my Elder Assistant's wedding. I wish you all could come, but at least we can celebrate this happy event in blogland.

We love this festive setting! The bride wishes her real reception was this palate and the Little Assistant is ready to eat the cakes!

Look at the glass marbles! How clever!

                      Reception by Modern MC in the Villa Sibi

The Bride told Shale and I we may bring out Daphne and Colette... After the papers are signed...

The Goods: Main table is PDR, Guest tables and chairs are Bozart Toys, cake tables are children's blocks, Buffet table is Selecta, white panels are minimodernistas, vases are CB2, all accessories are
Re-Ment, Mighty World, Bozart Toys, Mattel, DCWV, and common craft store finds.

Thank you for this beautiful and happy scene! I am so excited!
 C and Co.