Friday, April 30, 2010

I made this

I watched Oese's tutorial. I had this material left over from kitchen curtains my younger daughter had me make.

I had always thought miniature furniture had to be made of wood... I think I saw Contar's chairs too. But while watching "Glee" last Wednesday I started cutting out cardboard and gluing the fabric to it. I had also seen another blog that used cardboard so it was sort of a "mashup" of tutorials...
My future son in law was at a bar at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge called Noir with my daughter and he pointed out this menu and said "This might be good for your Mom's dollhouses as a screen". Is he a good catch or what?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hacienda House by Rodolfo Alcosta CDHM

Happy May Day!

I found this house on the CDHM website. It is the perfect Southwest style dollhouse. The pale peach walls are dusted with a sandy texture that evokes adobe.

It is very sturdy and holds up to serious play.

I went through a several years addiction to Mexican collectables.

Rodolfo is a contemporary artist who lives in Texas. He can be found on etsy and ebay. This Hacienda is 1:12 but he also works in different scales. It is a two story house with glass windows and beautifully crafted doors, staircase and fireplaces. I also think his work is very affordable.

Resources: Texas Tiny, Southwest miniatures.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

EEK! 199 followers!

Thank you
helping me with this blog. I have just finished my 6th month as a blogger and what a time it has been!

(why does it look like that! It doesn't in the editing!!!)

May starts my 7th month. I have collected these dollhouses for over 30 years (not even counting my childhood which was toyfull.) Check out that cowboy swingset! Yee haw!

Several thing have occurred. I think there must be an explosion of interest and popularity in miniatures at this time. What do you think? The number of miniture blogs is increasing as the number of products available is too. I was one of the people interviewed for the New York Times article though I collect more than just modern design. Amazed me. This blogging is potent stuff.

So at the magic number of 200 I want to do a "give back" in the grand blogger tradition. What is it? I DON"T KNOW! I hope that 200th person doesn't sign in till I figure it out. What have you seen people do that you like the best? ( I still haven't sent everything out from my last give away, Anthoula)

I also got my first reference book: Antique & Collectibles: Dollhouses and their furnishings by Dian Zillner and Patty Cooper. (My Stirn parlor furniture is really by the Starr Co.) So I can do a better job.

I have made GREAT friends, Oese, Rebecca, Call Small, Dana, Amy, Pinchofpepper, Shale, Nicola, Pubdoll etc.
It seems funny to call them by their blog names sometimes.

BUT I want to change a few things... Like my template and I'm afraid to mess with it or it might disappear. I plan to widen my scope. Talk about design in general, especially my current 1:1 project, "The Trellis Room" (more later) and perhaps life in general. So we shall see what the next 6 months brings and I will still be giving a tour of my collection (2 down 18 to go).

May is the Hacienda House so...
Y'all come back now... ya hear? Cheers CM

Good bye to the Hacker House

Phillipe took a last look up at his childhood house.

Amelia and her older son wave goodbye on the balconey with the two Hacker sisters.

The Nanny is holding Amelia's baby to look out the nursery window. She remembers when Phillip was his size.

"Good bye! Good luck!"

The Butler and Maids wave from the front door. Old Mr. Hacker watches covertly from the living room window.

We say good bye to the Hacker house too! Because it will be May. A new month and a new house. Happy May Day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Do you know what this old sachel is for? Does anyone recognize it's use?

Notice the metal encased corners, the hook and eye latches.

This is it open.

Back. I was wondering because it was donated to the Goodwill and was full of Bliss dolhouse furniture and ca. 1890- early 1900 dollhouse chairs and furniture I use in the Hacker House. It also contained a toy with a 1950's looking sticker on it. They weren't packed like a salesman's sample. Some of the pieces were broken and repaired with old celophane tape.

The Goodwill people said it was in a pile of junk unloaded in New England.

Just curious. We all know the journey from manufacturer to our houses is a long and winding road. Just wondering. It's part of the story that is the Hacker house xoxo CM

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Amelia thinks about fate

She considers how suddenly her new niece, Carolena's life has changed. Married, having a child and going on a journey to unknown lands. The least she can do is give Carolena her new bonnet for her travels.

And what about her own two boys? How will they turn out?

Amelia was secretly glad they looked like her side of the family, the Porcelains, not like her husband's side of the family. The Hackers were Horsman, rubbery and the women had faces like Barbies... ah fate. None of us know what tomorrow brings.
"Hot chocolate?" asked Amelia xoxo CM

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Packing for the New Mexico Territories

The butler and kitchen maid began organizing the packing for the Hacker expedition to the New Mexico Territories.

Phillipe sobbed on the kitchen maid's shoulder. She sobbed too, "I'm going to miss you, Phillipe" she said tearfully.

"No, Really... "

Everyone helped the newlyweds pack. Phillipe and Carolena Hacker were unsure what to take.

They decided on rugs, bed linnens, a gilt clock and an old silver set given to Carolena as a wedding present by her father. Would it be useful in New Mexico where they were headed?

Old Mr. Hacker hid his grief at his younger son's departure and that he would never meet his coming grandchild.

"Brandy, anyone?" suggested Amelia.
Mary Pernula asked me which house I like best. The Wes Christensen Modern House 1. It is the best to play with. It contains my alter ego, "Colette". I just got a new flat screen tv for it but haven't had time to post about it. It was a deal for $3.00.
I am VERY fickle about my houses. As this hobby spanned 20 years (at least) not including my childhood I have been through many phases. Right now it is modern and German DDR furniture I have the most fun with.
She also asked where I find most of my items. I used to go to miniature shops and use catalogs. Now I love looking online. I LOVE etsy, and swaps with friends. Thank Heavens for German ebay.
One of the funny things I've found about doing a dollhouse a month is I feel I have to give it it's due so I am probably posting too many pictures of each, but eh... what's a mother to do? You can't favor one child over another. Thank you for asking. XO CM

A hasty Wedding

Phillipe is excited to be going to the New Mexico Territories. He is happy to wed Carolena, who is sixteen, as she is carrying his child.

Carolena's father is sick with worry at the constitution of his new son in law, even if he is from a good family. He worries about his daughter traveling in her condition to the Americas. Carolena's mother is relieved she is not going to have a grandchild out of wedlock.

"Champagne, anyone" offered Amelia.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Loud voices were coming from the parlor

Everyone in the household ran to the parlor door to see what the comotion was.

Phillipe's sisters tried to intercede with their father on his behalf.

Old Mr. Hacker was furious,"First my best friend from Spain's daughter, then HER, and who knows how many housemaids...I am giving you no choice. You will marry Carolena and together you will be banished to our Hacienda in the Americas! You have 2 days to pack your belongings. I have secured you a post in the New Mexico territories" and he strode from the room.

"I will never return!" screamed Phillipe in fury!

Everyone looked shocked... the Americas...

"Tea anyone?" whispered Amelia.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friday morning April 23, 1829

Something has to be DONE! Yelled old Mr. Hacker at his sister, Georgina. Amelia jumped at the tone of his voice. "I will not allow this scallywag to continue like this in this house!" he roared
"Tea anyone"...murmured Amelia.

Thursday night April 22, 1829

Amelia Hacker's brother in law, Phillipe came home for a visit.
He is the younger of the Hacker boys and also in the Diplomatic Corps like Amelia's absent husband.
"Scotch, anyone?" asked Phillipe

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Antique mantle clock

Update: the actual time on the clock is 4:06. Teatime? Or cocktails...

Update: I have been told this is by Erhard & Sohne. C

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Livingroom Portraits

The livingroom (parlor) has portraits of old relatives.

I was going to post about the Gottschalk Dollhouse in May but I learned it represents the 1900's.

So instead I will do the Hacienda House which represents the New Mexico territory in the 1850's. That is right before the American Civil War. The fellow in the Diplomatic garb is a Hacker family member who created a scandal and was shipped off to the Americas. His story of his Hacienda and American adventures and follies will be presented next month.

It was hard to take photos of these pictures as the rooms in the Christian Hacker are small. Fortunately each story comes off so I could take some pictures from above.

Dolls for Walls

The Hacker House represents 1820 in Germany.

These are the dolls from the Colonial House, representing 1790 in the New American Colonies. They are apparently relatives of the Hackers.

As I mentioned several posts ago the walls on the Christian Hacker house are high. I wanted to put pictures up but wanted something unusual. I took "portraits" of the dolls themselves and framed them. Now they have their ancestors in the living room and family in Amelia's blue bedroom.

The Hacker boys.

At first glance people don't see that they are the dolls themselves.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Back to the Hacker House

Amelia goes to the window looking for her tea guests.

Her new Bonnet arrived and she needs it to shield herself from the sunshine. Welcome Spring!
I read a post recently about the difficulty of shipping fragile miniatures.
Look how Pinchofpepper sent her tension lamp the other day. She carved the lamp's shape out of foam and placed it in it to insure safe shipping.
I found Amalie Hacker's new hat, by Honey and Bee by googling "miniature bonnet" and her etsy store came up. Her hats are historically accurate. She sent it cleverly too, in the plastic container that holds the frosting from a frozen cinnamon roll tube! So perfect! Thank you Honey and Bee, I love it. Cheers! C

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Modern Mini: How to

So no matter how long we've been doing this, it can get tricky. I posted my "how to" post then added a picture to an earlier blog about my friend Neomig. So my post disappeared and I'm reinstating it. It's below... oh my, constantly learning!
I just want to say to Neomig and anyone else thinking of beginning a dollhouse blog, Go for it! You don't have know how to do everything, we are a great community. Every time I have asked for help, I got it. I say,
Jump in the water's fine!
Oh PS if you are a newbie and you want to show your modern scenes email me here and I'll set up posting for you. xoxo CM

Modern Dollhouse: How to

Welcome to fun!

How to build a modern mini

Color Xerox your favorite art to make it smaller.

Find an antique mid century design lamp (Strombecker)

Cut up a rattan placemat for a rug.

Cover a box with material, plain color add pillows or a throw.

Do not go on German ebay and buy DDR furniture ( tables, hutches, etc. because it's all for me)

Buy one modern TV or computer and Voila! A modern scene.

Less is more so it's easy! xoxo CM

When you make a scene you are supposed to give credit to the makers of the items used:

Minimodernista couch(ebay)

My nude is by my friend Oese, who has an incredible collection of miniatures. She is a major contributor to the Modern Miniature group on Flickr and be sure to see her post on her blog about making minis from other items ( She also started a flickr group called Modern Miniatures re re re (examples of repurposed items in miniature scenes) She is very creative! (where the cool kids are...)

The Andy Warhol Elvis picture is from a bathroom nightlight) My family is fumbling around in the dark...

Strombecker sideboard and floorlamp (ebay)

Bozart Toys lamp, (ebay)

little Mexican pot and bowl, (ebay)

rug is a mousepad

kidney shaped coffee table and navy chair (

BE SURE TO PAY ATTENTION TO SCALE... I still buy items that don't fit. This is 1:12 or one inch represents one foot. Centimeters make it tricky...

My house is a signed Wes Christensen MH1 (don't buy it I want the only one...everyone else buy Brinca Dada (not 1:12 scale) and the plastic Kaleidescope house, please ;) )

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Neomig joins the modern mini blogosphere

Neomi has decided her new name will be Neo mini. Check out her great scene!
How cool is this bookcase?

How pretty is this art?

Monday, April 12, 2010

the Nanny doll

I found this doll on ebay. I bought her and when the package arrived and I opened her she had a surprise in her arms. This baby. Look at the expression on her face.

She is signed on the bottom. Does anyone recognize the maker?

Her clothes are beautifully made, and the baby is gorgeous too. All the hems are hand stiched in the tiniest stitches.
Whoever sold her to me please know she is happy living with these children in the Hacker house. Amelia loves her too! CM

Details of the Hacker House

Amelia Hacker points to a new wood support added to her livingroom ceiling obviously not original to the house but necessary to it's survival.
Amelia needs some artwork on her walls. Family portraits? The mark on the wall above the clock is where the stove unit was. I switched rooms making the original kitchen the living room because I liked the wallpaper more and the floor matched the entry hall. Most Christian Hacker houses have the kitchen on the left (when you are facing it).

This balconey was added on later. Christian Hacker made spindled balconies. It's paint is newer and it is afixed with one big new screw in the back.

Details of the Christian Hacker house

These silouettes came with this house. If you can identify them, please let me know what they are. I love this blue wallpaper.

I noticed the bottom door had wallpaper on it's outside hinge

and the door itself has a diamond pattern on the stripped wood. I think that as the pattern matches the wallpaper, at one time it covered the back of this front wall door. The white strips of wood seem added recently to strengthen the structure. CM

antique French tin washstand

(Planning ahead: is there one Gottschalk book you would recommend over others? C)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pinchofpepper makes a tension lamp

Look at this incredible lamp. (I am taking a small detour from the Christian Hacker house to show you this) it was made by Pinchofpepper. You may be familiar with her work on Flickr.

I had one
just like
it in

It is very heavy made from real metal.

Thank you Pinchof-
pepper it is awesome!

"I get by with a little help from my friends"
Pinch says,"The angle poise lamp is is made up of 2mm and 3mm brass box section tubing held together with piano wire pins. The base is a selection of washers. The lamp shade is the plastic cap which covers the springs on a 6v lantern battery and the teeny springs are fuse wire wound around a thin rod. Then the whole thing was sprayed with radiator enamel paint. The bulb in a 12v grain of wheat bulb."

It is so realistic! I love it, CM

black chair above rement

red couch, white screen, lucite coffee table and Dwell Magazine by Minimodernistas ( did you see that hilarious post the Shopping Sherpa put on her blog about a month ago UNHAPPY HIPSTERS? It fratures Dwell magazine pictures. I will go find the link, too much!!!! )

Chanel purse by Dawn Carrol CDHM

"Elvis "Andy Warhol from a night light

Tomy rubber plant

circular side table child's rubber block

carpet contemporary import

oh, and beautiful white tension lamp by Pinchofpepper, oh did I already say that?