Thursday, May 31, 2012

Will you come to my trial?

Troy at Saco River Auction Co. has threatened to sue me for slander as I said Susan Hale has been cheated and feels swindled by this phoney auction change and the resale of her dollhouse and furniture this Saturday. 1 PM PST. (has the start time been changed to 12:30 pm?)  it is 11:32 am here and their web site says starts in 1 hr. ok it is 11:56 am and the Saco River Auction site now says "Auction starts in 1 hr". Just being as careful as I can be to understand their rules.

Susan has also been called "confused" nice talk about a woman finishing chemo! Good thing we have emails, they are very clear.

 Plus let me add I think Susan is being bullied by being called "Confused" and offered further "gift certificates" Don't they know who they are dealing with. A published author, popular blogist and savvy business woman.

She is very clear with Live and Saco River Auction Co. that she wants her items.

It seemed important legally that they kept her payment for over a month before deciding not to deliver her lot regardless how they shift the reason.
The sale was Feb.4, 2012. The refusal email began March 31st. Now (today Troy tells Susan) they are saying the "invoice was automatically generated." Was the consignee's share automatically generated too? That's a legal point in Susan's favor for ownership. Quick get the Accountants and the books.Today then there is another new story about how after they cancelled Susan, They put $1,000 or some amount into fixing the dollhouse roof and they need to recoup that. 
Which has no bearing on HER sale. Can you keep up with this?

She filed her complaint with the Maine Licensing Board again today and it was hilarious trying to fit her Canadian address into their form, that is one of the reasons she has help from an American citizen. Don't think you can sluff us off.

 Perhaps a trial is what is needed here. As my daughter went to Law School, and she and my son in law live in Washington D.C. we probably do not have to mount a defense fund for me. Or I'll sell MY Tynietoy townhouse to fund it. Ok, maybe just a Gottschalk or Bliss or two... guess which auction house I won't use? Rhymes with "doesn't deliver"...

Does Saco River not see How people feel about this? Read the comments below. Too bad Rebecca lives in New Zealand and Mitchymoo in England, I would plan a protest. 

Will Susan Hale prevail? This is a seminal case against an auction house reselling a sold item, regardless of their reason and the that sponsors the auction online. 
I am not afraid because it is true and in America we believe in the rule of Law even in auction houses. Judges use a gavel too.

Carol Morehead
 see post below for details.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This Buyer IS aware!

11:13 am PST 5/31/2012 
Latest update: Troy from Saco River Auctions Co. said if I persist he will sue me for slander. I will not print his nasty response here, yet. I do not feel this is slander, I feel it is true with emails to back it up.
He said Susan Hale seem confused. I talked to her just now and she was VERY clear she wants her house and furniture. Yes she IS recovering from Chemo but she is working during this treatment and does not seem confused to anyone else. Just tired. Really, picking on old ladies? Talk about slander!!!

am 5/31/2012
So Live Auctioneers just offered Susan $100 certificate! She refused. She is on record with Live Auctioneers and Saco River Auction Co. as still wanting the house which is right fully hers.

Original story:
On Feb 4th, 2012 one of our beloved collectors won an auction from Saco River Auction Co., Maine USA. She paid for it, they discussed delivery, she paid for delivery. It included various dollhouse furniture items (pictured below from their Feburary 2012 catalog) and a large doll bed. (see for yourself)

She had to email and call several times to ask when delivery was scheduled. Because the hammer had fallen.

"Oh", they suddenly said...."Um it was damaged and Maine Law states an item may not be sold if it is not in the condition it was as when sold." This collector said, "send me the pieces I love to restore!"

"UM, no your money is returned PLUS we are giving you, (wait for it) a $50 gift certificate." She wanted the goods. The hammer had fallen they said. "Sorry"

Now  this weekend on June 2nd, 2012 it suddenly reappears for sale again (see above)This is a picture of Susan's house as lot #40A, to be auctioned by Saco River Auction Co., Maine again this saturday split into what? 2 lots .The only change seems to be that  the front door has been attached to the back of the house.
 YOU judge any differences. Oh and it is pictured as a BACK view this time, to hide it?

Even Rebecca Greene, editor of Dolls Houses Past and Present had trouble finding it in this new Saco River Auction Co. catalog for June 2nd and  it is listed in a confusing manner so it can't be searched, Rebecca pointed out. Man!
Back picture from Feb, catalog of same house sold to Susan  ( see? no door), The furniture from Susan's February sale is now  lot#4, a new listing for this Saturday, below separated from the house in a new lot. To make more money? I suppose.

Confused? They want you to be. They don't want you to notice this attempted resale.

This collector was tricked out of her sale and this new offering is fraudulent. Buyer beware, yes. Buyer be swindled, not so much.

What have I done for her? Complained to the umbrella organization that covers the auction house online, notified the auction house itself. As we all know she is in recovery from chemo and is tired. I am happy to help. What has she done?
She has notified the auction house Saco River Auction Co. that she wants her Feb. 4th 2012 sale reinstated and this new auction stopped. Because the hammer fell.

 Her daughter is taking her away for the weekend to rest
Join me in assisting her in prohibiting a new fraudulent sale and restoring the sale of Feb, 4th, 2012. 

We LOVE to collect but don't abuse us. 
I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General of Maine. William J. Schneider, Susan has done the same.

 Feel free to also. As with swindles... time is  not on our side.

Update: I was discussing this with a major collector and he told me he asked the people at Saco River Auction Co.why this house was for sale again and was told "Oh the buyer refused it because it was damaged". That is a lie and I have emails from her at the time proving her dismay at being denied her purchase. I have this in email. Both comments. He said he would withdraw his phone bid tomorrow as it was not ethical. He is in the trade and knows how important reputations are. He is the hero here.
I hope Saco River realizes their error and restores order to this sale
to collector Susan Hale.

contact: Saco River Auctions, Troy Thibodeau  207- 602 1504
or email  Seller beware!

As of 6:50 PM PST 5/30/2012 I have had no response from Saco River Auction Co.

Ask me. I can tell you exactly why this is happening. The dollhouse is an old C model Tynietoy Townhouse dollhouse and the seller did not realize or accept this when the hammer fell in February.
The  knowledgeble buyer did and now the seller and auction house are trying to cover up their mistake.
As I said, The buyer IS aware and The hammer did fall.
Thanks C


Ms. Hale has been responded to.  Due to extensive damage to the lot prior to the 
auction, the consigner of the item requested the item pulled from the sale.  Due 
to an unfortunate clerical error, the auction house's online clerk mistakenly 
marked the item as sold instead of passed.  Ms. Hale has been refunded and the 
item has been repaired at the consigner's demand and will be a part of their 
next auction in two lots, again at the consigner's demand and in accordance with 
Maine state law, which states that a lot for auction must be sold properly 
represented and with the damage not listed on LiveAuctioneers that could not be 
the case.  

LiveAuctioneers Staff

The State of Maine seemed to think it 
was pertinent legally that Saco River C kept 
Susan Hale's money for over a month
 belying this new excuse of "Clerical 

Todays update: Complaint registered in 
Maine against Saco River Auction Co.

This new excuse of "clerical error" is not enough to negate the sale. Maine's Attorney
General's office has asked that we speak to him today and we shall continue our complaint 
against a new sale.

Complaint against Saco River Auctions regarding #4 and #40a  various doll furniture and an antique Tynietoy Dollhouse June 2, 2112.

This house furniture was sold Feb 4th 2012 to Susan Hale of Toronto Canada. 
Saco River received payment and then arranged and was paid for delivery.

About a month later they emailed Susan Hale that the item had become 
"damaged" and according to Maine Law they could not ship an item that was not in 
the condition it was sold in. Susan said I'll take it anyway, I love to restore 
housese. Saco River refused, returned her money and offered her a $50 gift 
certificate. She had no choice in the matter.

The hammer fell the house was sold to SusanHale and the mopney received at 
Saco River Auction Co. emails to follow as an addendum. as they cancelled the 

This weekend the same house is offered as 40A with the picture only of the 
back of the house not as it was pictured before. It cannot be searched in a 
usual manner, conventional manner "doll" or "doll house".

The furniture Susan Bought Feb 4th is now in a separate lot, the values of the 
item is much higher.

I am representing Susan Hale as I am American and she lives in Toronto 

Professionals in the field Ann Meehan and Susan Grimshaw agree this is not a 
valid resale. I will forward emails if necessary. 

I spoke to Frank Clay of F. Clay Antiques last night and he told me Saco 
River Auction House called HIM and solicisted him for the new sale. He is 
rescinding his phone bid as he has learned of this attempted swindle. He said "I 
should have known something was wrong with the sale as THEY called me"  I have 
this in email also.

Our point is The hammer fell on the Feb. 4 2012 sale to Susan Hale, of 
Toronto Canada. The auction Co was paid. Then about a month later made up a 
story about damage to kill the sale. Susan said she wanted the item anyway. The 
auction house claimed they could not send it to her under Maine Law. (we have 
the email) 

Saco River Auction Co  has relisted the house.

 This morning I received a new note from Saco River Auctions that the Feb. 
sale was actually a clerical error. The buyer wanted it back then decided to sell 
it again.  Every time we try to hold Saco River Auction house to this legitimate 
sale of Feb. 4 2012 they try to wiggle out of it. I think they made many 

The auctioneer has great leeway in a sale, until the hammer falls and the 
money is received. To resale these sold items under false pretexts harms the 
integrity of every auction item whether big or small. This is our complaint 
against the Saco River Auction House of Beddeford Maine. Susan feels swindled.

Thank you Carol Morehead 510 482 1437

Susan Hale, Toronto Canada. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just quickly

Being a Nana means you flip on your tv and it takes you 20 minutes to realize you are listening to Sponge Bob Small Pants instead of Wolf Blitzer. And you are horrified. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Please prove you are not a robot.

Now ya gotta love this command. I decided to remove the required
code posting from my comment space because I found the letters I had to fill in to get my post up were often longer than my pithy comments like, "Cool"! And I thought others might be having the same trouble. Like save time, life is short!

News: Hooray for Blogger Susan Hale who is in recovery from chemo and ready to take on the world again, ok maybe you get one week to rest.

Baby shower time on the West Coast! Minis being made. 1:1 scale

For my Assistant. Her's  is coming pretty soon!

Advice books are always great gifts for new mothers.

My Little Assistant not sure about all this.

Can you prove YOU are not a robot? Best Clue: It might have something to do with how we reproduce? xo CM