Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet the Bisques who live in the Triang. Uh oh published by mistake!!!

(Which just proves planning ahead is a bad idea.) See post below first for introduction to Triang House. DOH!

This is the Bisque Family. They live in England. There is Grandfather Bertie Bisque, in the red tie, then Father Baines Bisque, in the tophat, dapper, eh, then little Mitzie Bisque, Grandmother Mildred Jones Bisque is in the center, Mother, Betsy Shepton Bisque in the Schaparelli pink, with little Tootsie Bisque to her left, and finally little brother Bobby Bingley Bisque.
They are 3" German dolls made of.... you guessed it...bisque.

Waiting in the livingroom for Betsy to come down.

Mother in her dressing room
And the maid, Molly Dolly visiting with the bread delivery man in the kitchen.

Hello Triang!

Happy September! Triang dollhouse maybe #50 produced in 1950's-60's . Plastic roof and house were purchased separately.
Go here to McKendry's doll house history
to read a detailed account of the Line Brothers who started this company. There were 3 of them, and 3 lines make a triangle hence the name and logo "Triang".

I have 2 houses and one facade I changed the design of. (it was severly damaged). This is the smaller model and furnished with Tootsietoy furniture. It is wallpapered with Jennifer's printables which offer authentic antique and retro patterns.  I would love to know about this noble person who created this site! Can you offer us any information about her?

This house is inhabited by 3" German bisque dolls, who are named appropriately enough... the Bisques. Oh look their gardener is in front at work. It represents the time of the 1920's.(My larger Triang represents the 1930's, more about that later)
Today is my assistant's "real" birthday. She is 4. Today they  sing "Happy Birthday" to her at circle time at preschool but her real party is in 2 weekends.
This is complicated by the fact that my other assistant who is currently living in my house with me has HER birthday tomorrow and she is an ancient 26. She celebrated her birthday Saturday and let's just say alcohol was involved.  (She said her older sister ALWAYS upstaged her birthdays! We were just greatful the new generation has her own day . We were sweating that birth) I mean,  together the birthday girls make up my staff. (Or am I theirs...) So we are in MAJOR birthday mode here and let me just say the theme for both of them seems to be "Princesses..." CM

Friday, August 27, 2010

Me and Moritz: How we got together... a love story

Sans asked me in the last post to tell you what my feelings are  about Gottschalk houses and what I like about this house.I also want to welcome Grandpa home. He is a present from Shale. Grandma is VERY happy to see him. Especially with the Grandchildren here.Thank you Susan Hale! The grandchildren live in the puppenstube from the 50's or 60's and I will blog about it when I get to that era.(I think it's an Albin Schorrer).You can let me know what you think when we get there.

Back to Gottschalk. Thanks for asking Sans. My first dollhouse was made at the local dollhouse store to match our house. I decorated it in little replicas of furniture I had this is my second post on this blog and it was about that house.

I had wing chairs, it had wing chairs and my children would delight in any tiny item like ours. Even the dog.

About 4 years ago I started reading Sondra Krueger's website and I saw a whole new world of antiques. She had 2 Gottschalks listed and I couldn't fathom their high prices but her descriptions were complete and gave me my first lessons in  these antiques.
Then I saw a post on Cupajo's blog who is a writer in NewYork who has over 13,000. followeres. Yes that's right. (She recently had a baby, and like our own mini bloggers with small children it it fun to watch it impact her blog) She used to be a single gal...Know what I mean? Regarding how little children impact our work, I think my assistant (my grandchild turning 4) sat on the roof of my Marx Tin House and dented it...) I didn't see the crime myself... and I will need to call Minihouse CSI but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.Usually she and I are each other's alibi so we stick together, You know the t shirt "What happens at Nana's house, Stays at Nana's house...) Sorry about the digression. (not really) But she, Cupofjo posted a humerous post showing this model dollhouse from the FAO Schwartz catalog as an antique for $12,000 joking that was what she wanted for christmas!!! The design caught my eye.
Then came Ebay (sound of Trumpets!)
It truly was a whole new world.
Brief digression: My older daughter was President of her High School and for her Senior project she interned in Jerry Brown's office when he was mayor of Oakland. He lives up in the Hills near us and he is so intelligent he has all the votes in our 2 houses in his run for Govenor against Meg Whitman past CEO of ebay. (sorry Meg, but I hold you responsible for the invention of outsourcing American jobs, even if you made ebay rich)
I draw the line at boycotting ebay though...( can you spell hypocrite?)
There I began to see Tynie toy, tootsietoy, Strombecker, and Schoenhutt. etc.and expanded my knowledge of dollhouses and my greed expanded too.
One day I saw this house on ebay and decided to bid on it. It must have been an off day and I can't remember, but it must NOT have been listed as a Gottschalk, because I got it for several hundred dollars. As I mentioned in an earlier post there was no picture of the framed painting in it, either which would have given clues to what it was. 
I love the Gables. I love the porch railings. To me it it the heighth of dollhouse skill. Artistry. I am lucky to have found it and especially like the fold out garden. The furniture sends me too. The rich mahogony against the olive green silk! Oh my! It has a richness to it that speaks of an elegant past.I know the world   is filled with tragedy .I can't bear to watch CNN today because of the plight of the miners in South America, the floods in Pakistan and the East Coast. The mess of the BP oil spill and it is also the anniversary of Hurrricane Katrina and what a mistake was that by our government! But looking at this house makes me happy and I think it represents of the very best parts of dollhouse culture. C

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thank you Diepuppenstubensammlerin! Everybody read this!

Thank YOU! Go to this blog: by my friend diepuppenstubensammerlerin for the roots to this month's Gottschalk dollhouse.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mad Men have dollhouses

Did you watch tonight's episode of "Mad Men"? A Marx tin doll house was in a scene! 
It was the classic colonial model, symbol of the perfect American  home. This is mine I will be blogging about Marx when I get to the 50's in a few months. You can read about it on .

You know Barbie is coming out with a Mad Men set of Don, Betty, Roger and Joan, the red headed bombshell,
I hope they make accessories. C
P.S. I don't want to ruin the plot if you haven't seen the latest episode... BUT I bet we'll be seeing it again... Dollhouse alert!
Another funny thing is people actually CALLED me to tell me ( so I guess I am the local "dollhouse crazy lady" after all) and my daughter came running up and showed me it by pointing out the one I had. Now she respects it!!!!
Speaking of crazy dollhouse ladies.... this gives me the perfect opportunity

  to show you a gift Shale brought me. I had claimed I wasn't a "crazy doll lady with 20 cats, in fact I don't even have one". So Shale brought me a cat. It is white and it chose the Biss house to live in where Jack and Jill live. I think it is interested in what is in the pail of water... So eek.. Maybe I am a crazy doll lady after all ???? C

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nana visits the Gottschalk...

This one is for you "Doll Mums".
The children have been sent out to the garden to wait for Nana's visit.It is hard to wait!
 The cake smells so good!  Yay! Nana is here!!!Nana stopped at Anthoula's Candy Store, the childrens' favorite! The toys are forgotten.Then Nana reads us a book. We are getting sleepy! it is almost naptime.

Finally we all fall asleep in our little attic room.Nana and Mama talk late into the afternoon.Nana makes Mama laugh by reminding her how much she like sweets as a little girl.

Author's note: (If my prose is simple, I think it is the influence of my reading list lately. Such as "Go dog, go" etc.)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

OK so I'm bored, another post...The antique pieces

I was very excited to find these old pieces of furniture, and I do mean pieces. After repairing it I thought it looked so formal the only room it would really fit in was the living room of the Christian Hacker. I thought about putting it in the ladie's bedroom but it was too much. Do you think it's German made for the French market? C

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Little detour

So I have been thinking about lights. Can I expect my Christian Hacker to become solar powered?
And I have been thinking about antiques. I bought some very old German furniture practically in pieces to restore. They are the era of the CH house (and too fancy for the Gottschalk), but I kind of want them in the lady of the house's bedroom because I LOVE PINK! My elder assistant INSISTS they are SALMON which sounds more sophisticated.
Which led me to try and decide who to shuffle out of the CH house...I think this is old American made furniture. There are no markings and I collected it in 2 different lots from different states. Diane Vilner shows something like it on page 145 of her book:  Dollhouses and their Furnishings, under "miscellaneous wood" Look at the pointy little front legs.In this shot you can see the 3 chairs on the right are in better condition than the couch and 2 chairs on the left. Also a white substance, perhaps wax shows up in the photo on the older chairs that isn't as readily visible to the eye. The cushion on the couch is made of plain cotton very homespun looking with  a brown tattersall like pattern.
Any one know about this furniture. I like it as it is sort of humble. Then there are these slightly smaller wooden chairs, table and hutch.They came with the 3 chairs above and the Bliss alphabet set from Maine. The little drawer does not open. I wonder if it would hurt these if I gave them a light cleaning with Murphy's oil? C

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gottschalk kitchen

I bought this kitchen set and found it was the larger scale. I only put a few
pieces in the kitchen area of the house. It is pictured here in the German Kitchen room box because I love the tiled wallpaper.The cabinet.I have S. Mehreen to thank for pointing out to me that the faucet really works. When you fill the top with water it trickles out the faucet into the basin then into a bucket.The table is worn. I have noticed little children love to set the table.The chair is quite large for the Gottschalk house. The blue decorations seem to be 1920 art deco, perhaps.I can only fit 2 pieces in the kitchen area. I love the blue kitchen utinsils, They are probably from the '60s or more recent as they came on a pink card. I am happy to have the other pieces for my German Kitchen roombox which frankly Mrs. Santa resides in... and you now how she gets about baking...

Kitchen furniture from Milkweed Antigues on RubyLane.
Basin from Antikhaus Antiques

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gottschalk red furniture

This is the livingroom furniture. It is a rich deep red with gold accents and olive green silk ulpholstery.Love the staircase!Love the wallpaper too!I am REALLY lucky to have this picture. It is very rare. I think the only reason I received it is because it is very well glued to the wall. It looks like someone tried to remove it and started to rip it. I have only seen an empty frame like it once on RubyLaneAntiques. It is funny too, because it is crooked, as if a child glued it. CFrom book about Gottschalk showing this furniture.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gottschalk opened up

This is what the dollhouse looks like when you unlatch the face of the dollhouse. It opens, down to form a garden.
Antique Korbi German wicker chair and table set, antique blue treen dishes, 1920's Gottchalk kitchen, red couch and desk. Original picture glued to the wall in red leather frame. German bedroom set of undetermined age. French tin washstand, straw rug mat, contemporary blue chair, wooden antique candle on bedside stand, various antique pitchers.Gottschalk original catalog showing house. Black and white photos.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Bar on the lanai or a lazy Sunday afternoon

This is the bar on the lanai of my assistant's parents' house. It is made from an old fiberglass surfboard.My assistant has a dollhouse that looks like her 1:1 house. I made it when my daughter was pregnant with her hoping she would be a girl. I saw a surfboard at the miniature show and had to have it. We plan to make a table with it for my assistant's dollhouse.My assistant's dollhouse has many design innovations. Some like the swingset in the livingroom could be quite useful in houses in oh say, rainy climates.Others, like the BarBQ in the bedroom, not so much...unless you like to roll things. Like it and the buggy. Then you can see they belong together. Perhaps you would like to try a buggy vs. barbque race at YOUR next party. Sure to be a crowd pleaser. Each miniaturist brings his or her unique perspective on life to the scene. :) Happy Sunday C