Friday, November 18, 2011

Week 3 Modern Style Quiz

photos by Sweetington

You are listening to:

1. Miles Davis
2. The best of Herb Alpert
3. Johnny Cash
4. Joss Stone
5. Greenday

see more of Sweetington's pictures here:

Cheers! CM

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Second question: Modern Style Quiz

PDR furniture in photo by Modernmini Houses

You're DYING for

1. A steel danish pin
2. A Bob Mackie gown
3. Bakelite earrings
4. A fringed Spanish shawl
5. An Etsy felted necklace

For Green inspiration check out this site:

Reinhard Deienes AD Oct 2011

See previous post for first question.

Oh... tip of the day. If you are trying to photograph your minihouse you can set up an ironing board against a plain background and position the house on it. You can walk around it, etc. C

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The I house on hold

Retro style
DDR chair, lamp, Tomy rubber plant, Bozart sculpture. Retro style.

DDR bedroom set from German ebay, minimodernista screen and pillow, Strombecker floorlamp.

I am visiting a friend  for a few weeks and will not return until after Thanksgiving. 
Instead of blogging about the I house I am offering the following.

Like the "What kind of doll house are you, anyway?" Quiz
(See it here: )

I  offer a new quiz to determine

"But what KIND of modern style are you, exactly?"
Answer the following questions and find out. There will be one question per post for the next 4 posts.

First Question.

 You'd rather read:

1. On the Road by Jack Kerouac (again)
2. Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
3. The Help by Katheyn Stockett
4. The Paris Wife by Hadley Richards
5. My Hollywood by Mona Simpson

Give yourself 1 point for the first answer, 2 for the second, etc.
DDR German furniture in the MH1 Reac green chair, Imagination house art, Texas tiny African mask. Bozart urns. Minimodernista pillows.
Update: OK we had another 3.2 jolt yesterday... As long as they are small I don't mind...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Eames planter

 I am trying to make a bullet planter out of the plastic tip to my outdoor umbrella and the base of a miniature outdoor bar b que.

sculpture by mini dork, antique vase, mattel coffee table, Barbie tv stand and tv, minimodernistas shell sculpture and rug, Barbie plastic leaf, mini magazines from e bay.

This tv unit used to be hot pink. What I am realizing is I am going to have to move the work table to the center of the room to access all sides as the I house is growing so big.

I am planning a trip to Toronto at the end of the month to visit my fellow blogger Shale, of Susan's mini houses. Her blog is in my blog list. So I better finish this pronto. CM