Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My first adult dollhouse was purchased in the 1980's

for my two daughters. It came from our local dollhouse shop. It was a replica of our colonial house in Northern California. Many scenes were made there and jokes were played too. I'm sure my daughters will tell you how funny it was when I would arrange messy doll clothes and toys on their dollhouse bedroom floors when their real rooms were messy. OK I asked them and they asked me what I was talking about. Well I had fun.

Our golden retriever, Korey, even had a part in the experience. Korey would sneak up to the dollhouse and delicately remove the doll representing our youngest child with her mouth. That little girl was outraged. Korey never took the mother doll, or the father or even the elder daughter. It was as if Korey knew who she was alpha to and she was a VERY beta puppy. So don't ever think the dollhouse is being ignored. Everyone's paying attention to what's going on in there!

That dollhouse is now in the garage. My next one is another story:

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