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I am cataloging my 21 doll houses. I am currently residing in Taos, New Mexico. Very interesting architecture. I visit the East Coast to see my little Grandsons (and my Tynietoy house) and the West Coast to see my Little Assistant. Planning a trip to Paris in the Spring. Love to catch up! C

Sunday, November 15, 2015


 I found myself in New Jersey on the right day!
This Christian Hacker was up for sale.


English Lines House




Various styles

Stoked and ready

Share your Paddle


Well, the Christian Hacker went for $1,400.00 so I didn't get it...
But I got Boulle and a little Schoenhut house.
Thank you, Bertoia for letting me take pictures! 
Update: the catalog said it sold for $2,006.00 so I guess that was the final priceand I dropped out at $800. Yikes! CM

Toujours Paris!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Porcelain Jester from Germany

Well look at what my friend sent me! I have been trying to find a little jester doll for the boy's room in the Christian Hacker. Several times I thought I had one, but they slipped out of my grasp. 

Ludwig, the boy is so happy with his new toy.

I have that very satisfied feeling of aquiring something long desired, Thanks, Shale!

Friday, October 30, 2015

You knew it was going to happen

Ruh roh!

       "This is not acceptable behavior!" said Grand Papa's sister.

The other guests were wondering what was going to happen.

 Grand Papa was frog marched out of the library by the women. 
"It's tea parties for you where we can keep an eye on you" they said. They were NOT pleased.

                                   She thought it was funny.

(the chauffeur filed a work mans' comp suit against Grand Papa. Oh wait this is Victorian times. There were no workers' rights yet. The lower class servants were slaves who could be dismissed at a whim with no reference, and starve to death) 

 Look for the union label...  

I had to get this up because I am headed to the Bay Area tomorrow to visit my Little Assistant.  Cheers CM

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Porcelain dolls with wrinkles...(The Visitor)

Grand Papa has a sister. She is very serious, very pious and industrious, She does not always approve of him. BUT she has a lovely green dress.

In Victorian times, when women could not expose their ankles, some refused to say "table leg", and some went as far as to crochet covers for piano and table and chair legs.
I grew up during the "Summer of Love", myself...

Grand Papa's Sister has great pantaloons though she'd be horrified if she knew I was showing you. No one but her personal maid saw them.
Well, we will see what  happens when she shows
up at the Christian Hacker house for a
Cheers CM

Monday, October 26, 2015

Its getting dicey

The new billards table was impressive. Everyone was happy, and  
 you could hear the billard balls clicking merrily on the felt until Grand Papa started losing.

                           Grand Mama had to come in again.

 "This is your LAST CHANCE she instructed him" showing him the Backgammon table she found. "I don't imagine you can do too much damage with dice."


Nobody wanted to play him so the Chauffeur was drafted as he was in Grand Papa's employ.

This little table was made by HELLO DOLLY miniatures in
                                Taiwan. Maybe in the 1960's?

Cheers CM

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Trouble in the Christian Hacker...

Antique Billards Table...

Suddenly the bird started fluttering in it's cage in the Salon of the Christian Hacker house.

Uncle  ?  (forgot what name I'd given him, will have to go to previous posts to find out) leapt up upsetting the card table.."how can there be 5 Aces he roared!"

Grand Papa jumped up to defend himself.

"My dear brother," Grand Mama arrived to explain, "House rules are my husband cheats, were't you made aware of that?" She shot her son in law a look. "Didn't you explain Cheswick?"

 So Grand Mama found this antique pool set. Notice the cue stick rack. The numbered balls and the triangle.

         It even has little net pockets that really catch the balls.

Play begins.

          Uncle mutters under his breath, but peace is restored. (I guess he will just be "Uncle".)

                                         Cheers, CM