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I am cataloging my collection of 19, ok... 21 houses from oldest to modern, and then a few that were added on along the way. Planning a restful Summer as soon as everything is moved!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Shark Bait!

         Don't be it.  Happy Summer, though.

just stay on the sand with the other wild animals you meet.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Everyone has a job to do to keep the Colonial house running

"I certainly hope England takes this whole tax problem well..." thought George.

"Well, England is pretty far away. It takes 4 months to get there by ship so I doubt they will care what we do in the Colonies." said Grand Papa...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dolhouse lamps

This is a glass chandelier I purchased from Ann Meehan. it is Blown or spun glass.

Here is a view from the top.

I also Purchased this one from her

And used it in the Tynietoy Townhouse above

And the Happy Shaw House .

This bauble is from Ruby Lane and I think I will embellish it and use it in the Christian Hacker Ladies' room.

This one I lust after and it is $500 on the Belle Epoch site.

Susan of Susan's mini homes bought this one in Germany 
on her Dollhouse Museum trip last month. See more about her tour at her site which is listed in my blogroll in the right margin, just click on it.

         No info on this one from Pinterest anyone know about it?

                                    This is from ebay today

             and this from ebay German green antique lamp,want!

This was on pinterest with an incredible tutorial by

This I saw on Pinterest from and it looks so clever!

                    I used a hanging votive from Pier One once...                                                 and

I did try making a shaded lamp out of a champagne cork once.

              That was fun, especially the emptying the bottle part. So I am excited to visit a bead shop and see what I can find. Have you made any? I would love to know of any ideas or advice you have. Cheers, CM

Monday, June 15, 2015

Best wishes to Universe in Miniature

Dear Neen, We are thinking of you . Please send her your prayers, best wishes or whatever goodness you glean from the Universe as she is having some health issues. Know that our wishes for you are on a giant scale. xoxo CM

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cleaning out my attic

Where have I been? Emptying the house I lived in for 30 years and moving to a condo. I LOVE it. The condo not the cleaning. Moving 21 houses mind you. Ok Mini , but none the less.

If you know me you know I have 2 daughters. One with my little Assistant
and one with 2 small boys under 3 years.

Well all the girl toys have gravitated to the Little Assistant. But not an old iron toy of my Father from when he was a boy 

which was a fire wagon pulled by horses. I hadn't seen it since we moved in 30 years ago and have been wanting to give it to the little boys. Especially after my daughter named one of them after him. 

(Update: My elder Grandson has a ride on fire truck and makes a siren sound "Weeeeeeeee, weeeeeeeeeee!" All good till he ran up to all the little girls at his play date at his house and asked if they wanted to ride his Wee wee wagon. Some of the mothers asked my daughter to explain.) She was just so happy he was sharing his toys.

I felt so grateful when I located it, the last box in the attic. My Father who passed away when that daughter was in Middle School had repainted it and repaired it (ruining the market value). None the less, I love it and was so happy to find the box he put it in including all the wood pieces and chains he used to fix it. 

After I relaxed that night I wanted to work on the Christian Hacker House Ladies' room. I had a little bird cage I had been wanting to hang and didn't have the time to find the right chain to use. I got out some leftover chains from his box and began experimenting. I realized as I was hanging the bird cage it was one of my Mother's (who is also long deceased) glasses-holder necklaces. She was always breaking them. 

You can see the black loop for the glasses at the end. I felt so delighted that this little box at the very end of the dirty old attic had brought my parents to me that evening.  

             The Men are still in the Library  and it looks like Grandfather has an Ace up his sleeve

Well that's what moving does, Brings all your possessions back to you for review. Every single one.

Update: So what I realized is that I collected each house I have because I considered it the prime example of its time period. BUT
what I realized happened as I comb through the collection is each contains mostly one kind of furniture  of that period. Well that will be a post for another day. C

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Antique miniature sewing basket

My story is it is raining out and Helain-Claire from the Christian Hacker house finds herself waiting for her sewing lesson. 

 I go through phases in my collecting. Do you? I went through a period of collecting antique globes for my Christian Hacker House Library, then I over did it and well most of my houses have globes now, age appropriate to their time period, of course.
Today it is sewing baskets. 

Helain-Claire does not take naturally to sewing and is fretting. 

I have a nice pair of brass scissors that would fit well in this scene but my Little Assistant is very enamored with them and as they are not valuable  I let her play with them. Where they are today when Helain-Claire needs them is beyond me.

This antique is from Ruby Lane Antiques, one of my favorite sources for antique dollhouse furniture and accessories. You can also find sewing tables on Sondra Kreuger's, Carmel Doll Shop and Ann Meehan's Miniatures sites.

Antique German Pewter  sewing basket from Sondra Kreuger 

This antique soft metal one is from Sondra Kreuger on Ruby Lane.

This little Schneegas beauty, above, is from Carmel Doll Shop it can be yours for only $195.00.

And they show  this Biedermeier one by the Kestner company for $450.00. Very detailed.

This German table is $185.00

And look at this charming box that locks! (sold)

and I am wild about this gold pin cushion and scissors they have for $250.00
So the point being if you see one of these at a garage sale...grab it!

Unfortunately the Christian Hacker housekeeper comes in and 
scolds Helain-Claire for losing her scissors again! 

Helain-Claire protests, "They were here last week! I don't know how they vanished." But we do.

The Kitchen maid tries not to giggle as the sewing lesson has to be cancelled until the missing scissors can be found. Helain-Claire is relieved. Saved by my Little assistant.

UPDATE: I would like this by Bodo Hennig 

 From German Ebay, I would like this to be the maids sewing basket.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

1920's Dollhouse doll

  Hi, I'm back. I just had to share this 1920's dollhouse doll.

 Look at the female doll's incredible straw hat. I am afraid she looks like an Edith, but I really don't care for that name. Especially after they gave it to the dowdy sister on Downton Abbey. 

They are standing in a Tynie toy garden arch. 

I had previously named the male doll ungraciously Hubert, but it sound rather like a fellow from a Nabakov novel so now wish to rechristen him Winston.

Don't you LOVE her purple dress? Love the Olive green hose.

I think they are discussing visiting that hotel featured on Susan's mini homes (you can find in my blogs I follow next column).
But after visiting the Hackers in Germany their budget may not stretch, you know how that goes...
Cheers, CM