Sunday, March 31, 2013

Has anybody seen Mini Jazzi?

Sunday, March 17, 2013


A friend was just mentioning her giveaway where it cost her $60 to mail one winner in Europe her prize. I had to laugh...
I had a giveaway of this phantom, or clear chair some time ago and the winner never contacted me. I was surprised there was no response.

Then I got an email. Melissa Pikaar had Googled herself many months later and found out she had won my giveaway. So I recently sent it to her and she sent me this picture of her prize. Look how the colors are reflected throughout the plastic! Thank you Melissa.

Isn't the internet amazing, fun, and comical at times?

And let me take this time to wish everyone a happy Spring and Happy Easter inspired by her photo. CM

Update: So I was showing my Little Assistant this photo pointing out the wonderful color reflection in the chair leg and she was so enamored with the little Robin and Bunnies. Thanks again Melissa

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Visiting Neen

Love talking to fellow bloggers! Had the best visit with Neen at her beautiful home. Saw her work space and many of the dollhouses in her extensive collection! Her blog can be found in my side list blog roll: Universe in Miniature. I got to see her current Art Deco project up close. Beautiful wood!

Here are some treats she gave me! This beautiful floral was painted by her mother who is an artist.
                               Signed on the back, no less!

An adorable Indian elephant which I have never owned and often seen in mini scenes.

And this Spring cabinet which she said I could do whatever I wanted to, and my plan is to leave it just like this.

What did I give her? A small phantom chair which I hope works with her favorite Deco theme and some industrial material samples from 3 years ago when my Assistant last worked for an architectural Design firm. They were supposed to be for Call of the Small 3 years ago when I visited her and really I have meant to send them and just realized that was never going to happen...oh the randomness of the universe! Of course by the time they got to Neenie one was a little damp from the analysis by my Littlist Assistant. I wonder what she will do with them. So much fun to connect with blogger buds! C

From Neen's Mom to my Grandson everyone was enamoured with  each other.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Fav Mini

I made it to DC! Thanks for all the support guys. Wow snow! Just a quick blog

Thinking about taking him home... Looking forward to hanging with DC bloggers! CM

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"The Market is Crazy"...

Called my Assistant in Washington D.C. as I fly out tomorrow, and she said "the market is really crazy". I said " what do you MEAN the market is really CRAZY???" My ex in the background said "Yeah it's really high". I said,"Not THAT market, the store" 3 way conversations on cell phones are nutz. My Assistant said everyone is loading up on food and supplies...due to the big storm coming and it is 30 degrees there. Then she said "I got everything necessary, peeps, .....etc". Peeps? Did I tell you I am afraid of flying???? I am so reassured, so IF I get through this flight we will survive on peeps????

                                         Yes, overdone but I still love it!
                         Will I ever blog my peeps again????

                                From Taste of Home blog.

Well I am so reassured.  These images are from pinterest so I am going to try to find the original source. It may take awhile.   Did I tell you I hate flying???? Then she said her husband would take the time off to drive to pick me up as we California girls don't know how to drive on snow. WHAT!!!!!  People drive on SNOW?
I will need a few of those last cocktails...  C

Good Peep News:    a peeps contest for you!