Friday, February 25, 2011

May I be the first to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving...

 Well, it's like this. Last November I blogged about the Celluloid dolls from my collection in the 1930's Triang house. All year I had seen wonderful celluloid and plastic turkeys for sale. That month, when I needed one? Zero.

So even though our next holiday is St. Paddy's Day, I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving NOW. 

And look what I found. The plumpest, silliest turkey ever!
Here they are from last November, waiting for dinner. The maid is asking... "Where's the tukley?" No one knows.

 That's the tricky thing about collections. Get one item and it leads to a next. Get a Celluloid Mom doll and then you'll see a Dad. Pretty soon you have a family. It's as it they reproduce by themselves.

 Ultimately I located this little Fisher Price turkey just in the nick of time. The Celluloids had Thanksgiving. And they were greatful.

 But check out this baby! Plump. Nice neck.

And... here is my dilemma. Do I put it away as I will admit Thanksgiving is a bit down the road. Or do I leave it out?
If I put it away I may never be able to relocate it in all my miniature stuff. I mean everything is so small.

If I leave it out it may end up with teeth marks as my little assistant is still not always clear about what is real and what is not. Especially when it is this tempting. 

Plaster or celluloid I think vintage miniature food is comical.
And that is taking nothing away from all the incredible miniture food artists you see today! Right Anthoula?
Just my thoughts today after I got the mail. Cheers, C

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Dear Friends Down Under,
Thinking of you with the latest news of this earthquake.
I am learning my geography, where Darwin is in relation to Christchurch and Canberra and Sydney. Checking to see how you are faring in this latest natural disaster. Hope all are well. C

Brimtoy made a tin kitchen in 16th  scale. They were an English company who began in 1914. They later merged with the Wells Co. and are also know for their trains.

The red and white is so crisp and the graphics are so 1940's to me.

 I tried them in the Hexagon house kitchen as they are the right scale but,

they don't have the right edge to really bring out this house.  The Tomy and Fisher Price look better.

If you wish to see more Brimtoy on Flickr, they have their own page. Go here:

To see an example in a Triang house go here:

Cheers, C

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can you help identify this?

My friend Lemon Cadet got them from ebay. They are 1/24 scale.
Very cool, look at that coffee table! Thanks C

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Patio, continuing around the Hexagon House

This house is fun to play with as it is so iconic. Love the graphics of the stone wall.

This is a little more traditional.

Credits: Wicker chair, antique German Korbi. Eames chair, Reac.
For more information about this 1950's Eagle Hexagon mini house, see posts below. C

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mid-century Modern Design: with Dol-toi

 This is the bedroom in the Eagle Hexagon Mini House. It is a coral shade of pink and sunny yellow.

Notice the abstract art on the
                                              Notice the crossover curtains.

This Dol toi furniture is from England. I especially love the old quilt that came with the bed. There is a Flickr group devoted just to Dol-toi if you wish to see more.
 They are easiest to find on ebay UK. I love the lines and the wood they are made from. C

Credits: Dol-toi bed, side stand and mirrored dresser, Bozart vase with a tooth paste top as lamp, Fischer price chairs and pizza box table.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mid century bathroom tile

Notice the Mid century modern abstract tile pattern in the bathroom.

Notice the Lovely shag rug...

I would  never have the guts to put 3 different tile patterns in one bathroom, but it works.

Credits: Pink plastic sink and toilet by Eagle I think. It came with the house. Beige tub by Tomy smaller homes.

Cheers! C

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eagle dollhouse dining room

This is the dining room in the Eagle hexagon house.

credits: Dol toi table, Spot on buffet (bookcase) and red chair Lundby carpet, Bozart pictures, Renwall brown chairs, minimodernista lights. A rather electic collection. C