Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Day Open House! My last Mini Jazzi Post

"Welcome everyone! I'm so glad you all could come! There is lunch, sweets, and punch for the children and drinks for us. Please help yourself. And say Goodbye to our special guest Mini Jazzi, as she is flying out tomorrow, fog permitting... to her next hostess"
everyone murmured in good cheer and happiness at meeting MJ.

"Santa" called out Mrs. Clause from the deck where she was relaxing in one of Colette's world famous flyswatter chairs..."Leave the office, you have 364 days until next Christmas, come relax, deer." she commanded.

Santa and the deer did as they were told , but Santa kept the laptop to make sure every single gift was delivered properly. 

"Lighten up, Santa" said the chauffeur" Santa made a secret notation in the Chauffeur's file about being rude.

 And what did all the little girl dolls get for Christmas.... why doll houses of course. The boys got toy soldiers.

Oh no Mrs. Kestner our neighbor from the Christian Hacker house did not fare well in the Bouloum chair. Kate rushed to help her. 

                              Santa found it just right though.
The Chauffeur tried to chat up Mini Jazzi, but Miss Kestner, next to
her warned her he was a bit of a cad... Santa overheard and noted that too. 
          Kate helped old Mrs. Kestner to the ladies room.
Elf sink and bathroom accessories from Neenie, Shackman
  "Oh my, what am I supposed to do with this apparatus?"

"Perhaps a bite to eat", she thought. "Hmm, Ham, Turkey or Lobster... That Colette is a bit house proud in my opinion", she thought. Though she really did have a good collection of International art.
Wall hanging from Mexico, Rosamargarita, statue from Shale's daughter who even thought of her mother's blogger buddy when she went to England, and Amazing Miniatures Rhino trophy modern art.

"Hello Mrs. Kestner " cried the chef... "Eat up!".  "What cheek" she sniffed. Mrs. Kestner did not approve of the mixing of classes in modern society.
"Some of Colette's neighbors are rather stiff" though Mini Jazzi," I wonder what my next guest house will be like?"
 At the end of the afternoon as Colette and Mini Jazzi ushered the last doll out of the MH1 they laughed and hugged, and Mini Jazzi said "Well this is one Christmas I will never forget!"

Friday, December 21, 2012

On the second day (of Christmas eve) My Nana gave to me

A sugarplum Barbie and NOT a Mini Jazzi!

 Today was my Little Assistant's school Christmas Party. Mini Jazzi went to school in a charming red sparkle cape and met my Little Assistant's teacher. All the children loved her.The sugar plum fairy had a pink cape like the little Assistant's. 

      It was pouring rain so it was good Mini Jazzi had her red cape.

Then Barbie was invited for hot chocolate. Colette loved her present from Mini Jazzi, a beautiful pillow.  My Little Assistant helped by opening Mini Jazzi's present for her.

                             A new pair of fashion shoes.
                                       What a busy day! 

Because some of the children dolls have dolls, My Little Assistant gets confused. Today she asked me if the Bouloum chair was a person... But I noticed after she left one of Santa's deer was invited to the party.  Can you see Santa in the background at the computer. He is pretty busy right now. Cheers CM

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Eve with Mini Jazzi

After a nice dinner with a good Shiraz, Colette, Mini Jazzi and Colette's rakeish friend Stephen just back from a trip to the Mekong decided to open presents. "Remember last year in Paris Colette?" said Stephen. Colette lifted her glass and smiled and peeked at the Tiffany and Co. bag next to him.
the goods: I am only going to mention items I have not already credited in the MJ posts. Rug mouse pad, rhino sculpture trophy on fire place by Amazing Miniatures, painting on the livingroom wall by Linda Davy  from a fellow countryman to MJ, the Shopping Sherpa's exhibit "Call of the Small". Phantom chair a  place card holder from Lavender and Navy wedding site. 

Colette was impressed even her daughter Kate dressed up for the occasion. Ok, so Kate still has on Doc Martins but hey, at least she put on a skirt. Kate gave MJ her present and MJ had one for her.
"A new cell phone! I needed one as your friend in Toronto pointed out, mine was a little obsolete". said MJ. "Coolio, a koala bear!" said Kate, "Is this from your country?"

Then it was Colette's turn.
(Oh no I just published this instead of saving it!!!!! Oh well there are more presents to come!!!)  Well it looks like we have to sing the carol, "We need a little Christmas, right this very minute, stockings on the mantle, I just stepped right in it... " More presents to follow.
  I get to meet Mini Jazzi tomorrow, I can't wait, the Little Assistant.                  


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mini Jazzi goes to San Francisco sight seeing

Jazzi stands at Colette's deck and looks across to the City. Colette points out the main landmarks.
"Feel like a little sightseeing today?" asks Colette?
"Sure says Mini Jazzi!"

So they cross back over the Bay Bridge to San Francisco.

First stop at the Warf for some hot chocolate!
They watch the cable cars ride by and turn around at the foot of the hill. Alcatraz island is in the distance.

Then along the Marina to view the Golden Gate Bridge.
"I hope you don't mind we don't cross it today to Sausalito, let's just stick with the City itself", Colette suggests.

They stop at the Palace of fine Arts

Through Golden Gate Park to the Conservatory of flowers.
A detour over to the first mission built in the city. Mission Delores.
When California was populated with indigenous peoples the Spanish came and established missions on the coast of California. Each was one days walk apart. Today the main cities of our state have grown up around these missions. San Diego, Santa Barbara,  Santa Clara, San Jose and San Francisco are examples. For more information go here:

Then they headed back to the city center.

Next they join the crowds at the Museum of Modern Art Downtown.
They returned to the warf to the Ferry Building  for lunch. The Bay Bridge is in the distance.

Finally they return across the Bay Bridge home and Collette suggests a soak in the spa for their tired muscles.

                             "Oh it's nice and hot!" said Mini Jazzi.
Thanks for the nice tour today Colette, what's up for tomorrow?
"Well" thought Colette..."have you finished your holiday shopping?"
:) CM

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mini Jazzi Takes a neighborhood Tour.

My assistant knows one of the families who lost a daughter in Conn. We are saddened beyond words and hope gun control laws follow. 

I am keeping it light here.

"How is the coffee?" asked Colette the next morning. "Fine" said Mini Jazzi. "As it is pouring rain outside I think maybe we will start with a neighborhood tour." Colette suggested. "Sure" replied Mini Jazzi."let's go!"
"We have a lot of pine trees here in the Bay area" Colette began.

"First we'll visit the Grecons, "Oh dear no one is answering. They must be in the Attic visiting relatives for the holidays. Mrs. Grecon won't mind if I give you a tour. She always has the latest appliances. Notice the Brimtoy kitchen! And the snowflake on the roof..."
Next is the German Roombox...."

"Well Hello Mini Jazzi", said Santa... "He knows my name?" said MJ in amazement. "Well, it is Santa" replied Colette. Mrs. Santa roared with merriment."Have a cookie, dear and some peppermint tea" said Mrs. Santa. MJ had a nice visit with Santa and spoke on behalf of all the good little children in Australia.

"The Hackers have a big home and many people live there"... said Colette moving down the street. The old Grandmother offered Mini Jazzi tea and kept eyeing her outfit but was too polite to stare. "Thank you" Mini Jazzi said smiling.

Mrs. Pink Bonnet came is and said, "Did you get some tea dear?" looking at Colette and Mini Jazzi.

Downstairs they visited Mrs. Flathead and her daughter. It was gloomy as they have no electricity. "Please have some tea" and tell me all about your country, I have a brother in Australia, well, we won't talk about why he went there...." Mrs. Flathead flushed thinking of her brother the black sheep of the family.  

Next they went to the Library where the men of the household were congregating. "Have some Brandy" offered Mr. Hacker and old man Hacker added "It is the very best, my dear".

MJ tasted it and found that she indeed liked it!  "Well, let me just introduce your guest to my chauffeur. Now if there is any where you need to go, he will be happy to drive you" and Mr Hacker winked. Colette threw back her brandy and said, "my my... we MUST be going..." and pulled MJ out of the library.

"Come into my kitchen. Let me give you coffee and cake!" the cook threw his arms open in welcome to Colette and her friend. "Colette, I have not seen you in ages", he continued,"who is this beauty you have brought with you?" he asked.
"She is wearing funny clothes!" piped up Bad Anton. 

Everyone gasped. "Excuse this rude boy, Mademoiselle" the governess said quickly. He is from Paris and very spoiled. Bad Anton glared at everyone.

"Colette" Jazzi whispered, "I need to visit the ladies room, so much tea..." "Well, they don't have one, dear" Colette considered. "It's time for the Marx visit. See they have electricity, they will have a bathroom!"

photo compliments of Tomo Moko on Flickr, Thanks Tomo this is a classic!

"Merry Christmas" Colette called out cheerily and said in an aside to MJ, "Don't be surprised if this is boring... the Marx people are rather colorless..."
MJ found them entertaining though was shocked they SMOKED and around the children!" (I am keeping it light and am dismayed to see the gun over the fireplace in this "traditional" American made dollhouse. Shows you how pervasive guns are, Isn't it always commented how dollhouses reflect the culture of where and when they were made.) 

But at least THEY had a bathroom. As is often the case with guests Mini Jazzi was exhausted, but Colette wanted to make sure she was getting her money's worth for her visit! CM