Friday, November 23, 2012

Christian Hacker kitchen

The Butler is a task master keeping everyone running on time.

 The downstairs maid is glad for a moment before she has to begin ironing, More to follow. C

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christian Hacker Dollhouse Livingroom

Looking down into the first floor salon. This doll with the bisque straw hat is one of my favorites. The furniture is German "made for the French market" as they say. It has wonderful eyelash fringe.

                     There is an antique German clock on the mantle and you can barely see the glass chandelier at the top of the picture.
This is a view without dolls so you can see the whole room. 
The room to the left is a hallway with stairs. Sometimes I remove them and make it a dining room.
This black haired doll is one of my favorites. She has a beautiful smile. Am I always saying "this doll is one of my favorites???"

Other views of the salon when I located it on the opposite side of the floor before I understood that was the kitchen.

The fireplace in this picture is contemporary but I liked how large it was. The drinks tray is Schneegas. (currently relocated to the Tynietoy Townhouse). Playing favorites!

Playing around with lighting. Gerlach tantalus with glasses. Early American Oak furniture.
Happy Thanksgiving. The cook is busy. We are hoping for guests! CM

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christian Hacker dollhouse second floor salon

Second floor of the dollhouse. Containing Boulle furniture.

 Two antique dolls. Notice the pink color of the material of the doll (right) where a sash has been lost. This shows the original color of the doll's dress compared to the faded color of the rest of it. I especially love dolls with porcelain bonnets.

German gold tea set. Notice burl like wood bed, and inticate beading on the dress of the Kestner Grandmother doll.
               This photo is looking into the library next door.
            Antique Boulle chest from the Musee Poupee in Paris.

          Antique Boulle chair and desk. Little antique mirror.

                                          Boulle antique desk and chair

                           Antique soft metal German fireplace. 

Step into the salon, I'll have the maid light the fire, would you like a cup of tea? CM

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Christian Hacker doll house Library

                                   Lets start in the Library
Globe is an old pencil sharpener, "tobacco" rug. White rug is a                                
                                   vintage plastic doilie.

Antique Gothic style Boulle settee and chair.

         Antique Gottschalk desk as a bar tray, I like to take pictures of my other dollhouse dolls for Ancestor portraits for the walls of my dollhouses. Sometimes you can see a family portrait handed down in the MH1.

                           Plus an antique German landscape.

I like to add dolls after photographing the room or sometimes you do not see the furniture.
Chauffeur Doll from ebay, he needs gloves, Grandfather doll, Kestner from Ruby Lane, actually not sure where Father doll came from. His clothing looks glued so that would make him more recent.
An interloper...

A little hole in the wallpaper. I wish this old house could tell me about it's journey from Germany to San Francisco!
"Really," Father says, "I don't mind living in Tynietoy and Christian Hackers' at all. Cheers!" CM