Saturday, December 26, 2009

Anybody lookin' for a date to ring in the New Year?

And we have a winner, and I mean that. This handsome fellow generated the most comments in the "Dana's bride needs a groom" post.

Needless to say this fellow is not ready to settle down any time soon, so he's available for a good time on New Year's Eve if you are!

He heard there were all kinds of gals out there in Dollhouse (is that the show or the blog) land.

He's especially interested in this one Pubgal who he heard was really good with her leggos...

So no need to sit alone, all you single ladies...When that clock strikes 12 O'clock, put a ring on it! Pacific Standard Time!

(If I had the ability I'd have Beyonce's song "Put a ring on it playing".) Well hum it then and get up and DANCE! xoxo CM

So the inspiration for this post came from Dana Mocan. Go to her site listed below: Miniaturi de colectie. She has a video to a Nat King Cole song that has incredible camera work. (It's kind of sad so watch out) but I had wanted the same for my guy here dancing to Beyonce. Well that's not happening but some day! Oh P.S. for some reason I can't reply to comments right now but I just want to say "OK Pubdoll, Amy and I are beating a path to your pub's door with this guy in tow!

Credits: Couch and doll listed below. Backdrop, Hallmark cocktail napkin, Corona beer bottle, rement.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas morning "Is this what I think it is!" shrieked Colette's daughter

Everyone stopped and looked at Colette's daughter who would not stop shrieking with joy!

Then she ripped of the wrapping paper off in a frenzy!

"It's the DOLLHOUSE I wanted!" she started dancing around the room and then ran over to give her Mom the biggest hug!

Thank you Thank you! she yelled

miniature dollhouse's dollhouse by Oese
imported from Germany

Couch by Mini Modernistas
Blue chair and ottoman by Design Interior Collection Vol.3
Miniature in the style of Villa Sibis made by Oese
Man by Diamond Select figuers, Twilight set
Daughter by Bozart
Woman and son what I call "Mutts"(Manufacturer Unknown @This Time)
fireplace screen is a plastic hood to a plug in night light.

The Universe, our Solar System, Earth, All homes, and all dollhouses...

I was amazed to own some of the

antiques in the book and had fun taking pictures of them with my granddaughter.

The book is beautifully illustrated and we sought to copy them in pictures.

Especially at this time of year we acknowledge the wonder of life. I am thankful my friend Redrickshaw showed me "Big Susan" by Elizabeth Orton Jones. It is a Christmas storey.

Written in 1947, before even I was born, the author uses the dollhouse as a microcosm for life. There is mishap and problem solving. It's about the relationships of love, helping, wanting, needing and receiving through a Christmas gift.

Susan represented for the dolls forces they do not understand or control. This is where the idea of Faith comes in. Whatever your religion or spirituality, may you have a Blessed Holiday!

It's Redrickshaw's stream on Flickr and she wonders if any people know this book? She is on her way through the snow to celebrate Christmas at her sister's. Jolly show! Merry Christmas!

About the Spirit of Giving

There is someone who I have never met who has influenced my view of life and dollhouse collecting for the better. This post is in honor of her and to say Thank you! Do you know her? Here are some clues from a book she recommended.

Clue # 1

Sorry for these long spaces between
pictures, I'm not sure why they are here, they don't show up in the editing.

Antique German clock, my thimble, antique Gerlach iron, antique German plaster cake, contemporary copper pan and silver charger.

She recommended this book to me and I want to pass on to others. Many of you know it already. It was written in 1947. I ordered a current copy from Amazon.

Clue# 2

Clue # 3

Last clue Do you know who I am talking about?

and what book it is?

Antique sink from Carmel Doll Shop

The answer comes tomorrow...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bachelors for Dana

Taking a break from Christmas... I have a friend in Romania, who if I understood her wish list, it was for a 9cm groom for her doll.

Bachelors #1


Bachelors #3

If your bride sees any one suitable in ths crew, just let me know and I will send him to you.

Rather a diverse group... but I think brides should be VERY CAREFUL.... who would you pick?

Any guy can have a beard, it's just black marker.
Dana has posted her dolls at
The man in the long blue jacket is VERY enamored to meet her and actually ran out of the room to race to the airport. He is taking a friend with him. He will need a buttoniere so you better call your florist. I hope she does not fall in love with his friend...but then who knows the way of the heart?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Wedding in the Colonial Dollhouse

butler by Deborah Hammond, ringbearer by Heidi Ott, other dolls Horsman. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (in house) by Peggy Nesbit

Custom dressed made by A. J. Rowan CDHM
Furniture Shackman

Twelve ladies dancing...

Christmas wedding
Originally uploaded by More2view
On the 12th day of Christmas
a Christmas wedding took place, (in the Colonial Dollhouse)
the Flower girl wore,
red toile and white lace.
This is a very old picture before I started looking at photos on Flickr.
My daughters LOVED the Matron of honor and Flowergirl's dresses and decided red toile was for their weddings.
OK so far we had a summer wedding, and the next one may be ON the beach... Red toile bikinis for all! That could be you if you're in town...
Yes. the Matron of honor's head kept falling off, yes it looks like the violinist's head is the ornament on the top of the Christmas tree.... I wouldn't do that NOW (maybe)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Festival of Lights

Originally uploaded by More2view

Hanukkah Blessings Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends!

Peace on Earth Good Will Toward Man

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To use or not to use the dollhouse? Naughty or Nice

On the 10th day of Christmas it is a strange year for Santa. My daughter tells me her peediatricians say avoid Santa Pictures in Malls due to the H1N1 Flu. My granddaughter is afraid of Santa anyway. So when it came time for their Christmas Party I thought should I leave my Santa roombox alone in my empty house, or bring it? OK, I did remove all valuable antiques... (I like how the baby doll in the highchair made it through it all...)


what is Mrs. Santa thinking? You can't see Santa he is off camera having a ride in the air in the little girl in red's left hand. During( At some point Santa lost his hat and beard, but they were found.
No names will be mentioned)
But not by this good little fellow who was very intrigued. He stared at it for 20 minutes. Very good for a two and a half year old!

(On the eleventh day of Christmas Nana napped ALL DAY!) For the original set up go to "All the applause goes to Mrs. Clause" post below...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

On the 9th day of Christmas out came the dough,

Dollhouse cookie cutter 2
Originally uploaded by More2view
For this doll house
cookie cutter we are
hoping to show.

Will this cookie ever
Hard to say, The Holidays are speeding up...and the little cook seems quite pleased with it as it is.

It is by the "Cookie Maker Co" by Wilton Enterprises Inc., Woodbridge, Ill.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trouble in Toyland!

On the eighth day of Christmas
they wanted to know how,

Junior got into the hall closet,
and what should they do now???

(oh oh I found the color selection chart..) Strombecker furniture, Heidi Ott toy car, unknown 50's dolls

Monday, December 7, 2009

Martha Stewart Called Mrs. Santa

on the 7th day of Christmas just to tell

her to expand her repetoire and

include Buche de Noel.

By Mouse Market of course! Click the picture to see more!

California Dreaming on such a winter's day

The sixth day of Christmas was rather insane,
We were greeted in the morning by freezing rain!


You CAN'T expect us to DRIVE in this?
This is my flat glass patio table covered with ice. Very exciting!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

All the applause was for Mrs. Clause

Mrs. Clause's Kitchen
Originally uploaded by More2view

On the 5th day of Christmas
Mrs. Clause baked with good cheer,

But someone was thinking
Oh deer, what if he gets stuck again this year

Antique German roombox, Gottschalk 1920's furniture from Milkweed Antiques, tin wall faucet from Antikhaus. Contemporary rubber Santa dolls, german antique plaster cakes, unknown little vintage deer.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Last year I was a star

(This is my friend's dollhouse.) This year it's the basement for me. Oh well, dollhouses have long lives and I can wait on the sidelines for awhile till another little pair of hands comes around.
Well I just learned to check my spam and Lo and behold there were 2 comments! Hooray! Check the post older than this one for the full story behind this beauty.

Last year I was a star
Originally uploaded by More2view

Though this dollhouse looks pathetic, it is actually incubating until the young ladies of the house have babies... They are not in a rush, their Mom is not in a rush for them to either, but the dollhouse knows.... it is just biding it's time... I wish I had pictures from last year, but last year was one of those stressed ones! Happy Holidays to all! C

Thursday, December 3, 2009

How the Dollhouse saved Christmas

One of my friends has a very big family, a very big house and a very big heart.

Last year a young man she knew was in trouble in his new business. She invited him to move into her house to save money. Soon her living room was filled with all his belongings, his business furniture and office supplies too.

It was mid December and she was fretting about decorating her house for Christmas before her children came home from college.

"I know" I said, and pointed to her children's old dollhouse in the corner of her diningroom wedged between the piano and the wall.

My friend's mother had given HER granddaughters this house many years ago. In fact they were the children returning home from college. I draped twinkly lights over the gables and made little stockings for the hearth. We gathered the dolls around the table and as my friend made REAL Christmas cookies, it began to feel like Christmas had arrived.

As busy family members and my friend's many guests gathered around the diningroom table for meals last December (did I mention my friend is a great cook, so a lot of time was spent at that table?) their eyes would stray over to the little twinkling house in the corner and smile.

In fact, though her mother had passed away many years before, my friend said it felt like her mother was right there with us too last Christmas.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

On the fourth day of Christmas

A little windy
Originally uploaded by More2view
It's departure time (Bye DC)

and I really should apologize for all of my forced rhyme...

PS My computer is set on Pacific Standard time, so I'm not really bloging at 3:30 AM...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On the third day of Christmas

Bisque Family Christmas card
Originally uploaded by More2view

The Bisques shot their Christmas card,

To keep the children from squirming.
was really rather hard!
Happy Holidays
from Bartholomew, Bart Jr. Brenda, Betsy, Baby Bart and the twins Mitsy and Tootsie Bisque

Tootsie toy lamps, couch, arm chair, and various antique bisque 3" adult dolls and 2" children dolls from the 1920's.