Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Antique auctions

Neither sleet nor rain could prohibit today's journey for today is the day we went to Carversville.

Excuse my finger in this picture, I was so excited.

 To an old Mill town founded in the 1780's, to this little house nestled by a stream which houses Noel Barrett Auctions.

 Surrounded by charming old houses,
 To meet Noel Barrett of Noel Barrett Auctions. I was picking up a new dollhouse for my collection.
You may have seen him on Antiques Roadshow, discussing Tynietoy.

 Not this Gottschalk or this charming little Silbert & Flemming, waiting for someone else,

             Nor this interesting modern house,
I think it's  Rich, it has celluloid spray painted windows and plants like my Rich Tudor House. 
                      Nor this mechanical one!
                     So much to look at!
So we loaded it up and drove 2 hours home. 

                 Look at this abandoned house.

                           Back through Quakertown,

                       Past harvested fields.

 So different from California, where it is so much more densely populated. And my house? I really needed it for my collection! Next post. Cheers and Happy New Year! CM

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

All styles!

Perhaps I told you I have been moving around? Being somewhat footloose and fancy free, 
I am currently in Pennsylvania. To a California girl everything here looks charmingly old.  This building is in Carlisle, a town filled with old buildings and antique stores.

It reminds me of this Gottschalk.

Or this Lines Antique dollhouse.

I went from this in Taos New Mexico

To this

in Pennsylvania, my new digs.

From this Church, St. Francis in Taos circa. 1772  to

this church which is the view from my new apartment. I will have to research it's date. I hope I can hear its bells pealing.

Here is the little garden in back.

And here is a closet perfect for a collection of dollhouses!

 The neighbors even have a koi pond,

 This is some of the local architecture.

So VERY different from my hometown in the Bay area. But an adventure none the less.  Let me tell you shipping the Gottschalk and the Christian Hacker dollhouses was an experience! More to follow, Cheers C

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Santa in the German Kitchen roombox.

Santa what we really want is Peace on Earth!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thursday, November 26, 2015


                                     For all things small.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


 I found myself in New Jersey on the right day!
This Christian Hacker was up for sale.


English Lines House




Various styles

Stoked and ready

Share your Paddle


Well, the Christian Hacker went for $1,400.00 so I didn't get it...
But I got Boulle and a little Schoenhut house.
Thank you, Bertoia for letting me take pictures! 
Update: the catalog said it sold for $2,006.00 so I guess that was the final priceand I dropped out at $800. Yikes! CM

Toujours Paris!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Porcelain Jester from Germany

Well look at what my friend sent me! I have been trying to find a little jester doll for the boy's room in the Christian Hacker. Several times I thought I had one, but they slipped out of my grasp. 

Ludwig, the boy is so happy with his new toy.

I have that very satisfied feeling of aquiring something long desired, Thanks, Shale!

Friday, October 30, 2015

You knew it was going to happen

Ruh roh!

       "This is not acceptable behavior!" said Grand Papa's sister.

The other guests were wondering what was going to happen.

 Grand Papa was frog marched out of the library by the women. 
"It's tea parties for you where we can keep an eye on you" they said. They were NOT pleased.

                                   She thought it was funny.

(the chauffeur filed a work mans' comp suit against Grand Papa. Oh wait this is Victorian times. There were no workers' rights yet. The lower class servants were slaves who could be dismissed at a whim with no reference, and starve to death) 

 Look for the union label...  

I had to get this up because I am headed to the Bay Area tomorrow to visit my Little Assistant.  Cheers CM