Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The UCLA Mattel Childrens Hospital Auction

I first heard about this from Modern Mini Houses blog Here:

Held at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I suggested we go until I realized tickets were $500.00.  Then there was this from the LA Times.,0,4853777.story?track=rss Clever designers used Paris Renfroe and is that a minimodernistas hanging ribbon lamp I see?

Now Modern MC shows all the houses on her blog here:

This is my favorite:
                             picture from Minimodern.blogspot

See designer detail here:

Kind of like "I'm a Giant" by the top ten LA design firms!

Wow. What a fun idea. Hope the show raises a bundle for Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA. Send me to any follow up info.

Thanks CM

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

under construction

Redecorating the basement, notice dollhouse art above mantle...
 Hope I make it to After... One of those too busy weeks!  CM
P.S. it's 1:1 scale...