Sunday, June 10, 2012

This one is for Mitchymoo...

Back in the day...

When modern mini furniture was not so easily come by and we looked to Mini modern for sole leadership, I'm talking way before Brinca dada, we had to devise our own modern furniture. Rebecca's post on making 1970's chairs reminded me of this as did Raum fur Raum's summer scene.

        (minimodernista furniture in MH1 by Wes Christensen,
                         rement shoes, Tomy rubber tree)

I always wanted a "wire" chair, and the "Ghost" (chair for which  I tried eyeglasses lenses as the seats, see above)

          Now I have a plethora of ghosts! And the Shopping                     
                 Sherpa's post reminded me of them.

We have both now. And the wire chair Christmas ornament, from is it, CB2 is everywhere. (well, there was one available at that time for $400 or so 1/6 " by Vitra but... well I have to eat, and apparently drink.) so

 I  resorted to melting a plastic flyswatter in the oven. Clip off the handle and go from there. Then I spray painted it silver and used it in the MH1 by Wes Christensen.

BUT that is not why I am telling you this.

Mitchymoo this is for you, and all the other clever people who make and design miniatures so beautifully, (Yes Raum fur Raum that means you, Petra).  

When Susan of Susan's mini houses and I were in Paris drinking wine one day I started fiddling with a foil wine bottle wrapper. I turned it inside out and scored it to make a Chanel styled quilted purse. Then I removed the chain from an antique key ring bought at a flea market to make the strap.
All for my doll Colette. A Chanel purse for Paris...

Well the whole thing was a failure but Susan was nice about it. 

So today I got out the same suitcase to pack for my upcoming trip to D.C. 

All of a sudden my elder daughter started hopping around the entry hall shrieking and hooting.

"Yeah MOM, Tell me what you REALLY did in Paris!" She held the mini Chanel purse model in her hand sans strap. I never could get it to stick.

Whatever do you mean" I asked amazed at this maniac laughing in my hallway.

"I FOUND this condom wrapper"... she said holding up the mini "in your suitcase!"

With as much dignity as I could muster I informed her that was a mini chanel purse made from a wine bottle wrapper. 

She was disappointed.  

This is why I PURCHASE my minis and restrict myself to only the occasional creation. Like my flyswatter chairs. I am proud of them. Sniff, CM

Monday, June 4, 2012

Doors are opening

    (This is a picture of my Tynietoy Townhouse front door.)

A dear friend of Susan of Susan's mini houses and mine has a husband who is a collector too. He just happens to be making a trip to Maine in a day or two and offered to pick up Susan's Tynietoy  restoration project.

Saco River Auction House invoiced me today and I have paid through Paypal. 

I think we are all set. Thank you everyone from A to Z

From the Auction House, Saco River Auction Co.  to zee driver picking it up. Merci

Saturday, June 2, 2012

WE all won!

I just purchased the TT house for Susan at  $225. Really hard to tell online in this auction, I hope there is a record! Ok it show up in my purchased account I am just waiting to be invoiced then I will pay immediately. I may know someone going to Maine to get their hand s on it quickly so there are no further disputes.

 The other furniture lot (sold to her the first time and paid for and refunded) was not bid on, or as they call it "passed" (boycotted, or just over priced)

 Thank you, everyone in the mini world for your support .

How can I ever thank all of you who responded on my blog post and by private email. Especially the other professional antique dealers we deal with so well.

 NO Victory dance till Susan holds it in her hands! Pictures to follow. C