Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ready for October? This house is a nightmare!

They are creepy and they're rubber!
They like to eat their grub here!
Their family tree shows Faust,
Welcome to the Cardboard House!

After  purchasing, it became a mystery house but then Susan Hale, that great detective, solved the mystery.
She found it in a Diane Zillner book.
Funny, it depreciated in value...The plants in the front are 3 D. They stand out from the house. Mine is a little more worn. I will introduce you to the family next. C

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Colette's Fall look

Colette's new look
Originally uploaded by More2view
Colette went shopping and decided on her Fall look.
Credits: Made from my son in law's black atheletic sock and my daughters costume jewelry. Caco doll.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Feeling like Gulliver herself...

Colette rushed home but the house was empty. She raced back to the Hexagon house and heard laughter and chatter. When she got there she found the Grecons and Bisques having a jolly old time.
Soon they progressed from Tea to Martinis and the children were getting along famously and went outside to play. "Colette, dear", said Mr. Grecon. As your assistant made our return flight for next Wednesday and the Bisques have asked us to stay with them, do you mind if we spend the remainder of our vacation in the Triang. The chairs are perfect for us."

"Please do" Colette said.
Back home she thought, "Sometimes I wonder.. oh well, I need new clothes and C needs a new camera. We better just worry about that for now...".

Friday, September 24, 2010


Colette was called over to the Bisque House. When she arrived Mrs. Bisque started complaining, "September is supposed to be Triang month! Instead you have been galavanting at cocktail parties, having other guests to lunch, Exactly what do you mean by this?" She demanded. Even the Bisque's dog started barking at her.
Colette felt defensive. Just then her cell phone rang and it was her neighbor saying the Grecon Family was at her house and wondering where she was! How in the world did the Grecon's get from Canada to her house? Strange things were going on and it wasn't even October yet.

For Rebecca

"OH! I didn't hear you come in! Colette is detained downstairs. Here is your Tea Mrs. Grecon, and let me hold that adorable litle boy. Are you comfortable Mr. Grecon, there is another smaller chair here. And Grandmother Grecon do you like modern art? May I take your coats? Oh! They don't come off?" Colette's neighbor was surprised to see these strangers in Colette's house. Usually Colette had such nice guests, she remembered Daphne from Canada and what a fun guest she was. Oh dear she fretted where was Colette?
(be sure to read Rebecca's comment in the last post. Thank you for the inspiration R, I was about blogged out this month!!! xo
Oh. P.S. My I need a new camera my photos have been getting more and more blurry. Of course I let my assistant take pictures too. She even knows how to close the lense! Maybe those little fingers changed something? But I get the hand me down equiptment from the Fam so a lot of it is janky! Hard to tell) C

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yesterday while I was making smoothies...

Yesterday was take care of the 4yr old day. Today I AM WIPED!!!!
Let's just say I slept soundly, and long. After making coffee and reading email I wandered into my livingroom. I had put the MH1 by Wes Christensen, the 1950's Eagle hexagon house and a few others there for Paris and Lisa Renfroe's visit. see  for details.The houses are still there though it is Thursday!

When I sat down on the couch I noticed the Grecons were visiting the MH1. I didn't do it, Paris didn't do it.
The only other suspect is my little assistant who was wandering around in there yesterday while I made her a strawberry smoothie. The curtain had already fallen.
She has tiny fingers and excellent balance. I think she did a rather good job. I wasn't aware they had even left the Hexagon house. I better look around closely and see what else is changed... Nana.

Monday, September 20, 2010

You give me fever...

Upon seeing the new chairs, the butler gasped and exhaled, "HOW DIVINE!
Tynie toy chippendale chairs
for the colonial.Isn't it nice when someone else appreciates what you love...

Thursday, September 16, 2010


It was so much fun! More tomorrow! C

Speaking of the 1920's I have this little problem...

Love of Tynietoy.
above image from Ann Meehan Antiques.

Pencil post bed and silhouette.

My friend Shale says she's getting bitten but I told her it's mostly an unrequited relationship as they are so rare.Please notice the Rement oysters and Gerlach basket on the table.
As I said, I have this little problem... love of Tynietoy. More about this American company started by two women in the 1920's to replicate American antiques later. See McKendry's dollhouse history for more info, Sigh, C

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And the winner is...

My assistant would not brush her hair for the event.We put all the names in a bowl.

Barb! Congrats
As I commented to Sans below... There was a slight misunderstanding between my assistant and me about "doing a drawing" for my blog as it didn't involve crayons. I owe my assistant a coloring session. C
FYI: if you are talking to a 4 year old. THIS is a drawing... duh!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tomorrow is the drawing on Leftcoastmini

for the Market Umbrella by Mighty World!
My assistant will draw the names!
She can't wait!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Damaged Triang Facade

This was my first Triang purchased. It was from Arizona and I did not realize the plants were painted on, not decals. I am still not sure if this was repainted or if Triang ever came this way. The surface paint had been repainted and was bubbling and cracking. It was in terrible shape and I loved it until I saw a better one...I know that is not the door for this house.

This was the replacement facade I bought on ebay. It has the correct sundial over the front door. The other had been painted as a clock.

So I decided to play around with it. When I stripped the paint off the steel structure was revealed.

This was before the Emerson house or my MH1 by Wes Christensen.When we used ANYTHING to make a modern structure. I pretended Colette was a real estate agent with an industrial property to sell.

The neighbors in the Triang neighborhood were not all happy.

This is how I play with it now, sometimes extending my MH1. (Sorry, Pubdoll for the small, teeny, tiny pictures, but apparently I haven't figured out how to save from Flickr without pixellating them!!! POOH!)

Go to my mini design blog to see more of the experimental modern house using this Triang facade. C

Friday, September 10, 2010

To twee or not to twee, is that the question?

First I want to tell you how much I love my Oxford English Dictionary. From the onion skin thin paper to the heavy magnifying glass. Amazed to hear it will no longer be printed, only available on line.(The cake the 4 year old picked out...Twee much)

With all that history to it no wonder language is such a cultural shibboleth... look it up. On line.
The word "Twee" is defined as overly quaint, or affectedly cute.Tootsie toy reaches that level in it's advertising. If my bisque German 3" dolls weren't so serious the whole Triang house would become twee. Thank heavens for them. They add an air of  earnestness about the whole thing... Really I mean that.

I am thinking of this because my assistant is having a "Princess Palooza" for her 4th birthday tomorrow. We picked up the Princess cake and it is amazing what can be done with pink and purple frosting....