My Mini House Collection: Starting with the latest design

Various contemporary furnishings. Mini Town and reac products.

The I House after: aka the never ending project
2011 Hacked Imaginarum Glitter Suite house (during)

Mattel 1950's furniture and hacked Barbie sets.

 2009 Wes Christensen's MH1
contemporary designers furniture, minimodernista and Paris Renfro. Caco doll and 
contemporary artisans work,


                                             1965 Ideal Petite Princess Vinyl house
                                                Petite Princess furnishings and people

                                                               Marx Imagination House 1960
  Marx hard plastic modern 50's-60's high design furniture, poured plastic people.

                                               Eagle Canadian 1950's revolving House
            Dol toi, Tommy's smaller home furnishings with Grecon people who are the right scale.

Marx Tin Litho 1950's
Soft Plastic furniture and poured plastic figures.
and Marx Cowboy Town.

Marx Lazy Days Barns

(for the boys)

                                                        Albin Schnorherr Puppenstube
                                     DDR vintage furniture and Caco German dolls.

                                             Game Makers  Company 1940's cardboard house

Louis Rich Tudor 1920's
Strombecker larger size furniture. Renwal toys, Bendy dolls.

Triang #50 Line Brothers, England
Using Strombecker art deco furniture, Doltoi sink and funky Celluloid dolls.

Triang #49, Line brothers, England
Using Tootsie toy (though American manufacture) furnishings as they are the right small scale with 3" German Flapper era dolls.

New dollhouse from Pennsylvania identified by Rebecca as an H % Dennis import  Using Brimstone kitchen and barton kitchen table. Barton and livingroom set and I will need to research the birdvcage, flowers and aquarium.

German Kitchen room box Gottchalk white furniture, German antique sink and contemporary Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

                                                          Gottschalk Red roof Dollhouse 1800's
filled with Gottchalk furniture and paintings, Korbi pressed cardboard garden furniture, Ari dolls children, Caco Grandmother.

Bliss Swiss Chalet 1800's
empty of decor

Hand made Victorian Italianate made in 1980's Including Stevens and Brown Cast iron furniture.

Hacienda House by Rudolfo Alcosta made in 2009
Filled with Star Novelty furniture, funky dolls and Mexican made accessories.

1800's  Christian Hacker Dollhouse identified by Ann Meehan
Filled with Boulle and antique German Furniture, Hertwig and black haired German dolls, German antique accessories.

Filled with Tynietoy furniture, Gerlach accessories, and Hertwig dolls.