Saturday, May 18, 2013

Naomi Kamiya's The Doll's House Gallery Opening

Gallery Opening

 Naomi Kamiya surrounded by art and patrons today in Berkeley.
This showed you were at the right place
Even Dudes and their skateboards liked it.
Immediate installation upon entering.

                  Work on the wall from Cal Berkeley Students

 Well attended. Wine, strawberries, lemonade and brownies were offered. Yum.


              Naomi is so much fun to talk to and has so many ideas.
And  out on Solano Avenue just a little exhibit to show you where the gallery entrance is. There are many more events planned on Solano Avenue. It's a really cool place to hang out. See for more details. Don't you agree galleries and dollhouses are a great match? CM

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Doll's House Unique Doll's Houses and Dolls.

UPDATE My aol account was hacked today and I have changed Aol address. Everything else is the same.
New Update: My Leftcoastmini page has disappeared... must investigate.  C

 Here we are at Open Fine Art Gallery 1861 Solano Avenue A
Berkeley, California 94707. Or call 510 917 9994. Check out that beautiful luxury model of the Louis Rich tudor on the right. Can anyone identify the house on the left?
 Here is another unique doll house. The next picture shows the front. I have never seen a roof like that before.
 And this is an installation of a rocket ship shaped structure.
 That is Patrick Schmidt who manages the gallery with Naomi. You can find out more at
                                      Many local artists are represented.
                         Patrick works in clay and offers hands on classes.
          Next Saturday is a special event, Sat. May 18th 4pm to 7pm.
                                         You're invited!

What a good idea, what a great space and I am looking forward to this new Doll House Gallery. Thanks Naomi and Patrick. CM

Friday, May 3, 2013

Just a sneak peek

Which has nothing to do with mini houses yet... 

My Little Assistant and I are beginning a garden on the shady side of my house. We call it the "Cinderella Garden" because it has this quote: "Dance like there is no midnight", Cinderella.

We are battling slugs and deer and other unseen critters. We have planted a blue hydrangea which should do well in the shade and a lavender which is a hardy plant so might work for us. 
Just keeping you up to date here at Myrealitty. 
Cheers, CM

Update: We did the front door.
And had a little spattering of rain. C