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I am cataloging my collection of 19, ok... 21 houses from oldest to modern, and then a few that were added on along the way...
Enjoyed a visit from Mini Jazzi from Downunder. Will be going back East in a week. Cannot wait to visit my Tynietoy Townhouse back there, of and of course my Grandson too...


Wreaths made from Garden Hoses, 2013 home fashion

Jessy's Wreath: Work in Progress

2nd wreath: at Mama's house

We planted sunflower seeds in the egg shells. When they sprout we will plant the whole thing for extra calcium.

Door mat to celebrate the brand new twin boys born next door. 

Greenhouse back door
First Garden Hose Wreath
The Greenhouse
View with Camillias in bloom

Table in Greenhouse


white camillias 2011

Spa steps                                                    Front entrance                          

Trellis room windowTHE DEER WERE HERE!

Kate's houseFront patio