Thursday, June 30, 2011

Phantom chair give away

                            Perfect for 1/12 scale.
    Phantom Chair give away.

Just leave a comment at this blog from July1st to July 20th 12pm
                       PST and you're in. You're in Hunky Dory.

 This is a picture from a year ago when I REALLY wanted a ghost chair and made one of 2 eyeglass lenses and a plastic take out box.

Ha! Pretty primitive. Thank heavens for the ones I found! I have also found this chair in 1/6 scale.
 It comes with arms and is a little bigger than 1/6 scale. They are more expensive and I found them on ebay.  Patience wills out. It only took a year...C

Good bye Petite Princess

photos by Vixie Vaporous

Go here to peruse the Flickr stream of Ideal Petite Princess photos:


                                                Dining room

Thank you Vixie! Cheers CM

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Princess Patti bathroom

photo by Fiddybobiddy is big leggy
This dollhouse is at Angel's Attic in Santa Monica, California.
It uses the Princess Patti bathroom set. Love the green marble.
So far I have the tub and toilet.
see Fiddy's Flickr stream here:

The big cardboard brick doll house shown 3 posts ago has a kitchen for the Princess Patti kitchen set and the bathroom for this furniture. The vinyl Ideal carrier case I have does not. So far I haven't seen any of the elusive Princess Patti houses though the Ideal vinyl cases are showing up on ebay.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Thank you Lemon Cadet for this post as my camera quit working!

pictures by Lemoncadet

My friend Lemoncadet bought lots of Petite Princess furniture. She found out there was a series of copies made in the 1960's. The original chair made in Japan is on the left. The copy made in Hong Kong is on the right.

You can see the difference of the markings on the bottom.

The original Buddah on the left looks happier.
To see her flickr stream here:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Princess Patti Kitchen

The sink in original packaging.
Picture of Colette using the Princess Patti set.

Love these mid-century modern chairs!

Here is a set of the original Petite Princess dolls in the kitchen.

picture by lemoncadet

picture by Lemoncadet

Love this frig. One just sold on ebay for $70.00... That's a lot of food... Cheers CM

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ideal Princess Patti Dollhouse

pictures from:

If you have one of these kicking around your house email me! I want it. I have only seen it once on ebay and I don't think it sold...
I was under the influence of "Bliss" at the time, and could not see past antique brick litho. I thought it was ugly and the interior ridiculous. Actually I was the ridiculous one not recognizing it when I saw it. I think it was around last Christmas, or 2 Christmas's ago.

It has room for the Princess Patti kitchen AND bathroom!

There MUST be one out there for me! CM

Monday, June 13, 2011

Petite Princess bedroom

Or as the Sears add says below,"She sleeps in Royal Splendor" Roccoco is the word, here!

 The bed is often seen without this "crown" on the top of the headboard. I like the contrast of the pink ribbon on the pillows too.
                         This is the frilly vanity with mirror and stool.
                  The blue satin chaise with a pillow roll is too too!!!
And whose room is this??? The Mom of the House. Nice '60's outfit.

Sears Christmas book showing the bedroom in pink!
I just realized I could add the pink chair and the lyre table,

I just Love this Petite Starship trooper! from Gumby Liberation. See more of the flicker stream

"He sleeps in royal splendor". I think those stains on the satin are rocket fuel.
Cheers CM

Monday, June 6, 2011

Petite Princess

1/1 scale furniture

Hollywood Regency style came about in the 1960's

 1/18scale petite princess dollhouse furniture
1/1 scale

1/1 scale

Petite Princess dollhouse furniture

1/1 scale

Petite Princess dollhouse

To see more information about Petite Princess doll furniture go here:     Cheers! CM