Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Under attack!!!!!!

                                                                            action shot

Ruh Roh! I better make a trip back East to check on the safety of my doll houses there. My Assistant's Littlest Assistant (though he can sit up) loves to roll and slide using his arms across the floor. We thought it was funny and I sent him a little camo outfit as he looks so stealthy.

My daughter was worried because none of the other babies in her Mom's group rolled around when she went to their houses. When it was her turn to hostess the group she found  she was the only one with wall to wall carpeting and it turned into a jolly rolling festival by all the babies. There were babies rolling right and left.
 But then she sent me this picture!
That is my Tynietoy Townhouse! Breaking news to follow!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Just being who I am.... bit of a troublemaker

Here are the miniature blogs I would suggest for the BEST MINIATURE BLOG poll. First, once you have won I would retire you. Mini Modern belongs in my Pantheon.

1. Oese from Germany
2. I'd keep Jazzi Minis.
3. Mini Modern Houses
4. Mini Mod Pod.....
                                                                  Celluloid scene: cute

Oh, do I seem weighted toward modern design. That is because it seems the most cutting edge to me. The question with miniatures always is "To Twee or not to Twee". I come down on the side of design.
                                               design scene
 Hey, I'm just saying... and once again I am making friends right and left... CM

LOL: Many are viewing but not commenting. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Is it really Tynietoy?

So I just bought this on ebay. It was listed as Tynietoy.

I see images like this and then I want the pieces such as:

This picture of a  living room in a Tynietoy Mansion that was featured on Live Auctioneers. I want a vase just like it for my Tynietoy Townhouse  living room. See here:

I have a nice red china vase there but it is not antique. So when I saw the above listing for a Tynietoy vase I thought it might be similar to the 2nd picture's vase. Notice the 3D molding over the door in the TT Mansion vs. the paper applied graphic of molding over the door in the TT Townhouse. I also want to paint a mural on this back wall...

I think the vase might be Strombecker though. Anyone care to weigh in? Fotunately it was relatively reasonable...


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My sweet Valentine!

This is not my photo and I do not know the source iStock? But we looked at it when planning the baby announcement.

                                 File this under "things that distract me                                   from my blog!" He just sat up today!
                          It all started with this engagement pic.
                     Many happy Valentine smiles from us to you.

 Which just brings up the old jump rope song, "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage!" Or not.
Now women have choice.

  Coming March post... how to protect your Tynietoy from crawlers...