Monday, July 25, 2011

The people who live in Tomy

photo by The Shopping Sherpa

photo by The Shopping Sherpa

You have GOT to love these jeans!

photo by Cracklin Tulip
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photo by Chris Cute from flickr posted January 31, 2008

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So the thing is... as a collector of mini homes with 18 plus and SCORES of other furniture and accessories... how am I going to deal with being bi-coastal now that my elder assistant is putting down roots back East?

I do not own the Tomy Smaller home dollhouse and it kills me every time I hear someone say "oh yes, I picked it up at a yard sale for a dollar..." OK not really, but that's how it feels. So the point being,
I am waiting until SHE gets a house to put my next aquisitions there for her putative children, really not for me. Really.

Her fiance knows what he is in for because right now in their TINY one room apt. is a gigantic gambrel style dollhouse I gave them for my future grand daughter... Shale and I picked it up in Pennsylvania and I am putting Tynietoy in it. They laughed at me... but then my daughter told me they were watching tv in the living room and her fiance got up and adjusted the chandeliere because it bothered him
that it wasn't perfect. Gotcha!

Jessy told him she's a 2 for 1. (Jessy's Mom comes along with her).
I'm surprised it didn't scare him off!
Of course once grandchildren appear, Mothers in Law are needed. Especially if they have more than one child. Right, with the cost of babysitting.
So I have to wait for my own Tomy, I mean my future grandchild's Tomy.  Hopefully not for long... Cheers, C

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