Thursday, October 6, 2011

Miniatures in the Media

credits: Spot on couch. chairs and TV, Doltoi fireplace, herringbone paper for floor, minimodernista ball clock. Color xeroxes of Jean Miro paintings.

I was just contacted by a Production Company interested in doing a series on the Mini world. They had talked to Peter Tucker but not Paris Renfroe yet.

I told them about The Shopping Sherpa starting the craze with her pictures of her collection, mini modern's blog kickstarting it and Oese's recycling approach to miniatures. I told her about Slinkachu and the importance of Flickr picture groups.

I mentioned Susan in Toronto, Rebecca in Australia, Anina and Helene in Amsterdam and Norway. I told her the of the Bay Area mini people meeting. I mentioned Call of the Small and Mini Dork participating in the "I'm a Giant Challenge".

I told her I was shocked the San Jose Mini Good Sam Show limited it to just one modern vendor, Paris.

I suggested Tim from Brinca dada as someone who jumped into the mini manufacturing world with both feet.
They didn't know him YET. Wait till they see the Emerson House!

Guess where they are based???? New York.  I guess you DO have to move to New York to be an artist.

Anyway the only thing that worried me was they kept asking who the "characters" were in this mini world.

Don't they know we are all just normal people? So glad this pasttime is getting noticed. I told her "Some people do Sudoku, some design mini rooms..."

PS. I bought the Dylan House so I can't wait to get it. Really I am going to stop collecting. Really. Cheers CM

P.P.S. So I was thinking about this and the interviewer said, "So what are you a collector?"  and I wanted to say "No, I'm an artist"... but I didn't. Hmmm.


Narán said...

Ohhhhh, veo el reloj que hace unas semanas me hice yo misma.
Besos, Narán

My Realitty said...

Hola y gracias! CM

LaPetite said...

So cool! Miniatures are taking over!

Shale said...

I can't wait to see the show. So great you were interviewed. Thanks for mentioning me.

My Realitty said...

Shale, I don't know what it will be but it is fun to talk to people who have no idea about minis and try to explain it... C

My Realitty said...

Greetings La Petite, The future is downsizing???? CM

Wes said...

Did they mention MH1? because they contacted me today and I will be talking to them shortly. Exciting!!

My Realitty said...

Yes she saw your house and I talked about interviewing you, Peter, Paris and Doris. CM

Kikka said...

WOW, Miniworld is gettig foot to the Bigworld! Super :)

My Realitty said...

Hi Kikka! And it will lwave a big footprint! :) CM