Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Please prove you are not a robot.

Now ya gotta love this command. I decided to remove the required
code posting from my comment space because I found the letters I had to fill in to get my post up were often longer than my pithy comments like, "Cool"! And I thought others might be having the same trouble. Like save time, life is short!

News: Hooray for Blogger Susan Hale who is in recovery from chemo and ready to take on the world again, ok maybe you get one week to rest.

Baby shower time on the West Coast! Minis being made. 1:1 scale

For my Assistant. Her's  is coming pretty soon!

Advice books are always great gifts for new mothers.

My Little Assistant not sure about all this.

Can you prove YOU are not a robot? Best Clue: It might have something to do with how we reproduce? xo CM


Minnie Kitchen said...

Love baby showers! I sometimes have a hard time proving I'm not a robot....embarassing!!

Norma said...

Looks like you're all having a wonderful time :)

I wish everyone would get rid of that pesky code!!

OOOOOPS, I've just scrolled down far enough now to see that it's still there - looks like you'll have to try 'killing' it again...

Sans! said...

Not a bad thing to have the verification if you want to avoid spams, CM :) Seen too many friends' bogs being attacked.

Great to hear about Susan. :) Kisses to the little one :)

My Realitty said...

Minnie Kitchen, too funny! Sometimes I sound like one, that is for sure. C

My Realitty said...

Norma! It is still there? This requires further investigation! C

My Realitty said...

Really Sans, Why would people do that? Eek. C

Shale said...

Yep, the code is still here. Even with the code in place I have received Spam on my blog. You may regret getting rid of it if you have to clear 50 or so spams a day. Just thought.

P.S. I am finished Chemo and feeling great, except for the fact that I flake out about 2 pm every afternoon. I am sure this will pass too.

My Realitty said...

Funny I flake out about 2 pm every day to...

Has anyone else noticed the code words are getting longer? C

Norma said...

If you are worried about spam you have another couple of options that won't disadvantage your commenters and make them type those damned words.

You could enable comment moderation and/or set your comment preferences so as not to allow anonymous comments. I've got a kind of 'half-way' solution to this because I do allow anonymous comments (for the benefit of my sister) but all comments on posts older than 14 days must be moderated.

Also I find that generally Blogger is pretty good at filtering out spam and sending it off to the junk box - although it's not infallible.

It's all about weighing up the advantages and disadvantages, both to you and to your followers, but when I've seen this issue discussed on blogs with lots and lots of followers there are many who say they just won't comment on blogs that require the words to be typed in especially as it can be hard to read sometimes and if you get it wrong you have to redo it. It's not so bad for me personally because I've been a touch-typist for decades so I can just simultaneously read the nonsense words and type without looking at the keyboard but I don't know how the 'hunt and peck'people manage it trying to keep the sequence of letters in their heads and hunt for the keys as well.