Monday, June 4, 2012

Doors are opening

    (This is a picture of my Tynietoy Townhouse front door.)

A dear friend of Susan of Susan's mini houses and mine has a husband who is a collector too. He just happens to be making a trip to Maine in a day or two and offered to pick up Susan's Tynietoy  restoration project.

Saco River Auction House invoiced me today and I have paid through Paypal. 

I think we are all set. Thank you everyone from A to Z

From the Auction House, Saco River Auction Co.  to zee driver picking it up. Merci

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Shale said...

I would like to add my thanks to everyone!! I love this blogger community and the support we received from you all. I am so excited to finally have my Tynietoy house. I will be blogging about it as soon as it is in my hands.
Hugs to all