Saturday, July 21, 2012


Here is a preview of my Tynietoy Townhouse:

                                   Notice the chimneys.
Kitchen: Here is the chauffeur visiting with his Mother in the kitchen. Woops! The clock fell into the sink. The Mother looks alarmed,
she has a lovely straw hat of porcelain. The chauffer doll needs leather gloves. I am on the look out.

Living room: The back wall needs a mural even though they are usually only found in the Tynietoy Mansions. This room contains a black baby grand piano and an Astor spinet behind the blue wing chair. I also need to hang the Tynietoy picture leaning on it.
Nana's room: This front doll is one of my favorites. Oh dear! The tea cups are knocked over and an insert of books for the bookshelf was left on the floor! 
Baby Boy's room: Notice he has a dollhouse in his room even though he is a boy. Perhaps he will be an architect when he has grown up.

Missing, attic servant quarters, (I've been watching Downton Abbey with my Assistant to pass the time) attic bath, upper hall,
lower hall, Mother's bedroom, Dining room. 
I apologize for the pictures, they are taken with a cell phone. My Assistant's good camera is charged and packed in her "take to the maternity Hospital bag" by the front door. 

I would rather not touch it today as I might use up the battery or fiddle it as I am not familiar with it and absolutely do not want to be responsible for it not working on the day of her first child's birth!
 We have named the baby of this Tynietoy townhouse...wait for it "Downton" what else... Yours, nervously waiting, CM


Shale said...

It looks great so far! What a collection of Tynietoy and what great dollhouse people. I love the two "bonnet head" dolls in the kitchen. I see you did get the chauffeur dressed. He looks good.

Fabiola said...

Beautiful house! I like her inhabitants.
Bye Faby

elvira said...

Bellissima casa delle bambole!!!
Sono una tua nuova amica!!!
Vieni a trovarmi mi farebbe piacere!!
Un bacio

My Realitty said...

Gracias Elvira, thanks Faby! It is so much fun to play with!

My Realitty said...

Shale, His arms are too short for the coat! How can he drive the car without hands??? c

Philip said...

Perhaps Baby Boy will become an architect or better yet an interior designer!
I love the house and it's wonderful vintage

My Realitty said...

Thank you Philip! Anyone who hangs out with me gets the full Martha! CM

Karen said...

I like the Downton Abbey feel: the house, the interior furniture pieces and some of the inhabitants. It looks like Branson, visiting his Mother to tell her some exciting news. I wonder if Lady Sybil will have a little boy or a little girl.
And I love the name Downton for a boy. Please come by my blog and see how Downton Abbey has inspired me. I found some rare Downton Abbey German dollhouse finds that I think you might enjoy.