Saturday, May 18, 2013

Naomi Kamiya's The Doll's House Gallery Opening

Gallery Opening

 Naomi Kamiya surrounded by art and patrons today in Berkeley.
This showed you were at the right place
Even Dudes and their skateboards liked it.
Immediate installation upon entering.

                  Work on the wall from Cal Berkeley Students

 Well attended. Wine, strawberries, lemonade and brownies were offered. Yum.


              Naomi is so much fun to talk to and has so many ideas.
And  out on Solano Avenue just a little exhibit to show you where the gallery entrance is. There are many more events planned on Solano Avenue. It's a really cool place to hang out. See for more details. Don't you agree galleries and dollhouses are a great match? CM


Neen said...

Yes, I do! In fact, Kikka created a wonderful art gallery in a dollhouse (that happened to be exhibiting one of my mother's miniature canvases :@))

It would be quite something if the Berkely gallery created a miniature gallery in one of the dollhouses, and if that miniature gallery also contained an even smaller gallery within.

Cheers, Neen

The grandmommy said...

looks like lots of fun!

My Realitty said...

Neen, Hmmm I think your mother's work will be displayed in Berkeley too! CM

My Realitty said...

Hi grandmommy, yes it is fun to watch non dollhouse owners discover them! C

Steinworks said...

wow, that looks awesome..I totally would want to go there and check it out.


My Realitty said...

Hi Marisa And it is constantly changing! CM