Friday, November 28, 2014

New Game: Who are you in the doll house?

Hmmmm... perhaps my grading was rather harsh....

If you enjoyed playing "What kind of dollhouse are you anyway?"
(see below)

Well let's find out what kind of doll you are...
Answer these questions and then I will tell you how to score yourself.

1. When some one cuts you off while driving you
                     a, Flip them off.
                     b. Roll your eyes.
                     c, Wave and smile forgivingly
                     d. Ignore them.

2. What instrument would you play?
                a. I'm tone deaf
                     b. Piano
                     c. Let's do a duet.
                     d. Go look through my CDs.

3. Now you are hungry. You
                      a. Yell at your spouse to get you something,
                      b. Walk away and wait until the next meal.
                      c. Take a piece of fruit and say grace.
                      d. Finish whatever the kids left on the counter.

4.  You'd rather read
                       a. John Crais
                       b. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow                    
                       c. Ashley Gardner
                       d. Caitlin Morse

5. In the 2016 Presidential election you'd vote for (remember this is pretend)
                       a. Dick Cheney
                       b. Hilary Clinton
                       c. Jeb Bush
                       d. Elzabeth Warren

  Add 1 point for every a, 2 for every b, 3 for every c and 4 for every d. 

7 points and under you are him:     

Dude! Get some prozac, The world is not your oyster. Chill.
New  scale: 8 points you are her... 8-12 points you are her:


You are practical and well, a little boring. Sorry.
New Scale: 9 points you are her...    13-15 points:   
You are unbelievably sweet and kind. We probably can not be friends.
16-20 points:
New scale: 10-20 you re her...

You are cool, you're calm. You take it as it comes. And let's face it you have great style.

Cheers, CM


Shale said...

Would you believe I got 12?

Okay, I don't admit to being boring. I really got 15, so we probably can't be friends.

But then, I added the points again and got 17. So you be Colette and I'll be laid-back Daphne. All is well.

Great quiz!

My Realitty said...

Ha Ha I am afraid I skewed it by putting voting for Hilary as worth 2 points, Glad we are still friends, though I think the smiling dark haired china doll is pretty. Some look so blank. C

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: thanks for your visit to my blog dedicated to Barbies. I really like your dolls. Nice pictures. I already did a follower of your blog. Keep in touch