Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Antique miniature sewing basket

My story is it is raining out and Helain-Claire from the Christian Hacker house finds herself waiting for her sewing lesson. 

 I go through phases in my collecting. Do you? I went through a period of collecting antique globes for my Christian Hacker House Library, then I over did it and well most of my houses have globes now, age appropriate to their time period, of course.
Today it is sewing baskets. 

Helain-Claire does not take naturally to sewing and is fretting. 

I have a nice pair of brass scissors that would fit well in this scene but my Little Assistant is very enamored with them and as they are not valuable  I let her play with them. Where they are today when Helain-Claire needs them is beyond me.

This antique is from Ruby Lane Antiques, one of my favorite sources for antique dollhouse furniture and accessories. You can also find sewing tables on Sondra Kreuger's, Carmel Doll Shop and Ann Meehan's Miniatures sites.

Antique German Pewter  sewing basket from Sondra Kreuger 

This antique soft metal one is from Sondra Kreuger on Ruby Lane.

This little Schneegas beauty, above, is from Carmel Doll Shop it can be yours for only $195.00.

And they show  this Biedermeier one by the Kestner company for $450.00. Very detailed.

This German table is $185.00

And look at this charming box that locks! (sold)

and I am wild about this gold pin cushion and scissors they have for $250.00
So the point being if you see one of these at a garage sale...grab it!

Unfortunately the Christian Hacker housekeeper comes in and 
scolds Helain-Claire for losing her scissors again! 

Helain-Claire protests, "They were here last week! I don't know how they vanished." But we do.

The Kitchen maid tries not to giggle as the sewing lesson has to be cancelled until the missing scissors can be found. Helain-Claire is relieved. Saved by my Little assistant.

UPDATE: I would like this by Bodo Hennig 

 From German Ebay, I would like this to be the maids sewing basket.


Shale said...

Your new sewing basket is gorgeous. I understand why your little assistant is intrigued with them. I loved that sort of thing when I was young too

My Realitty said...

So it teaches me to have several on hand, just like in reality...CM

The grandmommy said...

Your basket is nice! It would be nice to be able to have all antiques in a house. Your little assistant is really cute!

My Realitty said...

She is very cool. We gave her my cell only for communicating after school and she just texted her Mommy. I am home. She and Grampy are in the driveway. :)

Mme. Vaisaileaux said...

Love the gold pin cushion too!

Teresa Schubert said...

What a lovely antique sewing basket! Helain Clair can thank the little assistant later, hehe!
sugar spice and whatever's nice

My Realitty said...

Hi Teresa, yes perhaps they are in league....CM

My Realitty said...

Bonjour Mme Vailsailleaux, Mon anniverssaire est en Juin. Merci.

Daydreamer said...

I Love your Sewing baskets! This antique house of yours is one of my favorites! The blue wallpaper is Divine! So nice to see that the little people are being "helped" by the big people! I wonder where those scissors went? (I still have a small pair that I got in a gum ball machine when I was a child!)

My Realitty said...

How cool you kept yours. I haven't had time to interrogate my Little Assistant
yet, she is VERY BUSY making Valentines for her class for Friday's party. I sometimes feel if I don't look for something. it will just appear! CM

Giac said...

Hello CM,
The room is beautiful. you have such amazing accessories. It really makes the room come to life. I also love the colors of the room itself.
Big hug,

My Realitty said...

Hi Giac
For me there is something about antiques that makes me time travel.CM

Isabelle said...

What an interesting assortment of sewing baskets! Cute story.

My Realitty said...

Hi Isabelle. Yes it's one of the funny things about antique miniatures when you notice one type of item and then suddenly that there are so many types that were made. It's not surprising when sewing was so important a skill in the past. CM

Timea said...

You have a really beautiful collection.
Cant wait to see more.

Sandra said...

Hello ^^
I love your collection
I follow :)