Friday, July 30, 2010

Shale has left the building..

Well my guest is off to Carmel for the 2nd part of her Cali vacation. BUT she left me so many treats. I found a copy of "Miniature Rooms" she hid for me.
 And what about the many things we found? The material here is from the Crate and Barrel outlet scrap pile in their Berkeley store. Did you notice the green chairs at the bottom of the last post? Susan Hale discovered them. They are repurposed from a rubber hot pad finger guard and a tamper. Cool, no? I may have to replace my "flyswatter" lounge chairs with these at the rooftop bar on my MH1.The beautiful silver cocktail table in that post is a $4.00 pastry tamper from Sur la Table shop in Berkeley.

Shale and I "met" when she posted in 2009 about Mr. Bluegreen (by Bozart) putting a nude Barbie (by Mattel) in her dollhouse as a statue.. I picked up on the tale and had Mr.Bg give it to Jim for Colette's birthday present. (It's is one of the reason's Colette dumped him). Susan was funny and gracious about continuing the tale of the Barbie Statue. Then we chatted about visiting each other. Some of her friends in Canada said, "How can you just go to this woman you've never met before's house"? Actually after following a mini house blog for a year, I tihnk you have a pretty good idea about the person. Oese said if I'm ever in Paris she'd like to meet. (Not likely right now with my older girl's health issues, and the younger one's wedding...) but I'd love to. We all love comments and it feels like you are visiting me through them! Cheers (and I mean that) CM


dale said...

CM, sounds like you two had a lovely time! I remember the Barbie as a statue, too funny! :)

Rebecca said...

Oh, I bet you and Colette are going to miss them! But you have some fantastic finds to remember them by - and how sweet of Susan to leave a last, hidden mini treat :-)

I've never heard of or seen rubber hot pad finger guards - I'm glad that wasn't what you had us guess about before! They do make great chairs though.