Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Dear Friends Down Under,
Thinking of you with the latest news of this earthquake.
I am learning my geography, where Darwin is in relation to Christchurch and Canberra and Sydney. Checking to see how you are faring in this latest natural disaster. Hope all are well. C

Brimtoy made a tin kitchen in 16th  scale. They were an English company who began in 1914. They later merged with the Wells Co. and are also know for their trains.

The red and white is so crisp and the graphics are so 1940's to me.

 I tried them in the Hexagon house kitchen as they are the right scale but,

they don't have the right edge to really bring out this house.  The Tomy and Fisher Price look better.

If you wish to see more Brimtoy on Flickr, they have their own page. Go here:


To see an example in a Triang house go here:


Cheers, C


Kikka said...

Hi! Love this Brimtoy kitchen. It is different!
How are you these days? Having warm weather?
We are in the middle of cold winter days. Have had a long period of "freezing cold" like today it is only -20C, but last week almost every day it was -30C.Well the sun is shining anyway! :)
Getting tired of this...waiting for the summer to come! It will come in May-June!

My Realitty said...

Thanks! I am cranky because it has been monsooning here. Unusual for us and we are soggy! Well, I am just going to play with my toys and worry about gardening later. Plus the ants are all over my hot tub as the ground is wet and they are moving up! C