Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mid-century Modern Design: with Dol-toi

 This is the bedroom in the Eagle Hexagon Mini House. It is a coral shade of pink and sunny yellow.

Notice the abstract art on the
                                              Notice the crossover curtains.

This Dol toi furniture is from England. I especially love the old quilt that came with the bed. There is a Flickr group devoted just to Dol-toi if you wish to see more.
 They are easiest to find on ebay UK. I love the lines and the wood they are made from. C

Credits: Dol-toi bed, side stand and mirrored dresser, Bozart vase with a tooth paste top as lamp, Fischer price chairs and pizza box table.

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Shale said...

I always find it amazing how much the furniture changes the room. This furniture gives the room a very modern, chic look. It is a nice contrast to the frilly curtains - it works.