Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Smithsonian

After Shale went to her friend Olga's house and I went to my elder assistant's apt. we met up the next day for the last trip of our journey.
We wanted to see the Faith Bradford House at the Smithsonian Museum. SOMEHOW I got off at the wrong metro stop so we met up at the Hay Adams Luncheon room which looks out on the White House. I'm sorry but I only know a few landmarks in DC. that being one of them, the Hay Adams tea room...

After being fortified by some delicious Australian white wine they were serving, we took a walk through Lafayette Park in front of the White House. Spring was in the air, tourists were everywhere and the sun shone while the breeze blew our hair. Yes I am waxing poetic.

We passed this building with a plaque commemorating the great friendship between Canada and the United States. We thought it was very thoughtful of them to put it up for us.
Photo attributed to anonymous Washington DC native.

In front of the Smithsonian Museum whose mission is to record American life.

There were many people interested but I would say Shale and I paid the most attention. Giving Colette a look, and yes we got stares...

photo by Shale

I am very enamoured by grandparent dolls. Look at theese two.
One good mother held up her rather older child so she could inspect the upper rooms.

The following is a portrait of me by Susan Hale at the Smithsonian Musuem.

They had nice cold stone floors!

I purchased the book "America's Doll House" by William L. Bird, Jr. but have only browsed through it. It seems to be the story about how the dollhouse survived and made it to the Smithsonian. I cannot wait to read Shale's blog about this dollhouse as she knew more about the furniture than I did and was a wonderful guide. CM

See the Smithsonian dollhouse tour Shale found on Tulsa Tiny's blog here:

Rebecca we are thinking of you! C

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Shale said...

This post captures our last day of dollhousing perfectly. Washington is such a beautiful city and we saw the best of it in our little tour. It was so sad to part ways after we had such a fun and adventurous trip. But all good things must come to an end and I am impatiently waiting for the next adventure of Colette and Daphne (and Carol and Susan). It can't come soon enough for me.
I plan to post more pictures of Faith Bradford's 'America's Dollhouse' in my next blog post.See you all over there.