Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Princess Patti bathroom

photo by Fiddybobiddy is big leggy
This dollhouse is at Angel's Attic in Santa Monica, California.
It uses the Princess Patti bathroom set. Love the green marble.
So far I have the tub and toilet.
see Fiddy's Flickr stream here:

The big cardboard brick doll house shown 3 posts ago has a kitchen for the Princess Patti kitchen set and the bathroom for this furniture. The vinyl Ideal carrier case I have does not. So far I haven't seen any of the elusive Princess Patti houses though the Ideal vinyl cases are showing up on ebay.


Sans! said...

Very pretty wallpaper, Carol.

Shale said...

I just love the bathroom. The colour is soooo sea-foam-green soothing!

Cynthia Lambert said...

I have one of the cardboard houses. There are only 10 in existence.