Sunday, June 19, 2011

Princess Patti Kitchen

The sink in original packaging.
Picture of Colette using the Princess Patti set.

Love these mid-century modern chairs!

Here is a set of the original Petite Princess dolls in the kitchen.

picture by lemoncadet

picture by Lemoncadet

Love this frig. One just sold on ebay for $70.00... That's a lot of food... Cheers CM


Shale said...

I love this kitchen. The colour scheme is so avant guarde. Doesn't it remind you a little bit of the neighbours kitchen on That Seventies Show?

Kikka said...

Hi..So ADORABLE! I Love the chairs and the table, well: All of it in fact! :)

For me there has been a break in the blogging area... Thanks for wisiting my blog!


My Realitty said...

The tab curtains do that! CM

Sans! said...

I think that dining set is plain amazing, CM! Great collection! And that fridge 70 buckaroos? hmmmmm..even if it is with loads of food...but I must admit, one helluva pretty fridge :)

My Realitty said...

I love the meat and fruit drawers! C