Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guest post from Rebecca's Collections

 Well love must be in the air! These Erna Meyer dolls are getting married too!

               How sweet are they? Is this a 1950's bride and groom?

              The Groom in this one looks like Mr. Darcy to me!
              For more go to:

         http://RebeccasCollections.blogspot.com/  and check out the beautiful wedding pictures from her family! They are so historic.

                     Cheers for Australia!  Thank you Rebecca,
                                  it will truly be a G'day for us! C

Update: OK so every wedding has it's own stories... My Elder Assistant informed me the Groom got a black eye! How?  This weekend, being a nice family kind of guy he went to his sister's high school daughter's graduation party. He went down a waterslide and the foot of a little boy kicked him in the face. Presto a swollen eye. Everyone assures me it will be gone by the wedding but maybe HE will have to wear the veil! Honestly! Tell your children to elope! The good thing is his whole family was there to witness it so they won't think he is being coerced into marriage... MOB (mother of the Bride)


Shale said...

These must be the cutest dolls on the face of the earth. And, did you notice, the last couple look a lot like the elder assistant and her groom? Very appropriate!

My Realitty said...


LaPetite said...

Haha! I agree - it's like looking into a tiny mirror! :) How cute! - the Bride

My Realitty said...

Every time I look back on this Rebecca, it makes me smile. Thanks C