Friday, August 26, 2011

On to Pennyslvania

So we continue on to the Antiqueing part of the trip. We drive to Pennsylvania and go to work.

And what happens? We are in a shop in Shrewsbury and the depression glass plates start rattling and the floor rolls. I ask, "is that an earthquake?" and the shop owner says "No that's just a truck going by".

Well, I am not from California for nothing... It was a rare earthquake on the Eastern Seaboard. The store owners went and stood in the door frames in case of after shocks. Everyone's cell phones went off with the big news. 

We were like, "Excuse me... how much is this..." but the owners were busy comparing damages. There were none. Anywhere. Just some cans on the floor of some grocery stores in Virginia.

Oh and did I tell you I hate to fly, lost my xanax and a hurricane is headed this way... The good news? It poured rain the weekend before the wedding, and New Jersey is having a hurricane warning this coming weekend, so I guess my Elder Assistant lucked out with the perfect weather for her wedding in between! Oh, and I now own 19 dollhouses... going through security with it was fun, it has old wiring. Cheers C


Miss Val's Creations said...

This summer is wacky! We have had a tornado and earthquake in MA and now Hurricane Irene!!!! Good luck with the storm ~Val

Shale said...

It was a picture perfect wedding day! Luckily the earthquake and hurricane waited a few days.

I was oblivious to the earthquake. I didn't even hear the depression glass rattling. But now I know better than to doubt a Californian when she says. "That was an earthquake!"

My Realitty said...

Well, Miss Val I am sitting in Dulles Intl. airport as I write this, scanning the blue skies. I hope it stays calm for the rest of the evening till I get to the west coast... C

My Realitty said...

Ha Shale!Good to know we Californians are good for Something! C

Sans! said...

You moving with the 19 dollhouses? Just puzzles why those houses have to go through security :).

I don't like flying too but it is a necessary evil.

My Realitty said...

Hi Sans I just bought 1 new one, though I swore I wouldn't, and that one went through security. I am taking it back to California from Pennsylvania where Shale and I went Antiqueing. xoxo C