Thursday, January 5, 2012

Grand Palais Exhibition: Guys and Dolls

 It was a blustery day in Paris today. The sky was dark, umbrellas were blown inside out. It even snowed for a second! Susan and I were caught in a down pour. Her elk jacket saved her, the Canadian!

 All these pictures are by Susan Hale, and the sunlight kept coming out from behind clouds like the hand of God lighting up the French monuments. I never appreciated the gold accents in the Spring or Fall, really, but in winter light they become electric.
 So we spent the morning in the Grand Palais exhibit "Des Jouets et les Hommes". We are the "hommes" all of us. For more about the exhibit go to my other blog

 Cleverly they had a playroom at the end for les petites and a candy bar.
 Who is that famous Canadian visiting the Stockholm House in the gift shop??? I know I've seen her before.
 On this dark afternoon Susan had the brilliant (and I mean that literally) idea to lunch at Le Train Bleu at the Gare de Lyon Station.

                                                                   Ohh La La!

                                      A perfect day for the tourists we are!


Busy Lizzie said...

great photos & looks as if you are having lots of fun!!!

Kikka said...

Wow, You sure do know how to enjoy!

My Realitty said...

Busy, we are! Kikka we do! What can I say it is time for la joie di vivre! C