Thursday, January 12, 2012

OK mes amies My Assistant is making another Little Assistant.

picture by Susan Hale

Don't be confused. This is not my Little Assistant's mother. This is my Assistant, the August Bride who is doing this. 
The new Tiny Assistant-to-be will be the Little Assistant's cousin. She is voting for a girl. Can you follow this family tree? Our heraldic shield is a Christian Hacker in the upper left quadrant, a Gottschalk red roofed Gambrel style house in the diagonal lower quadrant, A tynie toy wing chair in the upper right quadrant, and a MiniModernista ribbon lamp in the lower left quadrant.

Hey, if Queen Elizabeth can make one up for The Middletons, so can I.

Shale and I saw this cradle in the Antique section of ( I will have to ask her the name) It is Port des Vanves. Man if you want to travel, take Shale she is a brilliant and fearless navigator!

Do you think it is good enough for my future grandchild? Perhaps too subtle?  Will Air France let me carry it on the plane? Cross your fingers, toes and eyelashes, my Assistant has 6 months to go.

Bonne Annee. Dolls or trains I can go either way. Plus I have the Marx Western town...Hmmm C


Shale said...

Actually, we saw this at the Porte de Clignancourt flea market, (officially called Les Puces de Saint-Ouen). It is the largest Flea Market in France and the oldest. We found it to be a treasure trove of doll and doll related goodies mostly antique ones in the Marché Vernaison and the Marché Antica sections. We couldn't resist buying some antique German dollhouse furniture.

BTW, I think the princely cradle is just right for a new baby, don't you?


My Realitty said...

Bien sur! Jessy asked where they would put it in their one room efficiency apt. and Susan pointed out right next to the Giant Gambrel Happy Shaw house I have parked there. Ah, life! C'est si bonne. Sometimes. C

dale's dreams said...

Congratulations! :)

Our family is impatiently awaiting the arrival of oldest daughter's bff's baby. :) Any day now... any day now....

I loved les Puces! I could have stayed there for days, but my family could only tolerate one day.

My Realitty said...

I immediately wanted to fly home and redecorte every room.

Yes well, babies let you know immediatement they are in charge.
Best wishes to the new mother. C

Florine said...

Wonderful heraldic shield!!!! Could we expect anything less from YOU! and congratulations on the new baby-to-be!

My Realitty said...

Merci, Florine. I cannot wait! The baby is due late July. C