Friday, February 17, 2012

Boulled over.

I love Boulle doll furniture. This was made as copies of Andre Charles Boulle's work. He was a French cabinetmaker who was born in 1642 and died in 1732. He excelled at marquetry and set the standard for French furniture design that followed him.


                                                               from the Chateau Chantilly.
I never thought I'd have any but then Shale of Susan's mini homes
convinced me to go to the two flea markets in Paris on different weekends. At the first maison de poupees I walked into I asked the owner if he had any Boulle, "non" he said, then stepped aside to a vitrine full. Wait till you see Shale's finds!  

photo by Shale

When visiting the Musee de la Poupee in Paris I found this following piece. It came with authentication papers from the Museum.

Perhaps the center drawer is missing and I shall have to fill it with letters?
 The small bed and cheval mirror are more burl looking. But then they are perfect for "Bad Antoine". The petulent, spoiled little school boy doll. Or as my Little Assistant asks, "has he been asking for Mousse again???" She adores him. CM

PS. This is hilarious. Susan and I were both talking about how we didn't feel like blogging but I wanted her to send me pics of her boulle, and I took some of mine to send her. We had no idea the other person was blogging today! Are we the same person???


Shale said...

I love the painted designs on this furniture. It is just so over the top. I think we need to go back to Paris and get more of it.
Yes, I know we can get it without going to Paris, but why would we? lol

My Realitty said...

I think we need to give them a chance to restock after your last visit... let's just go back for the vin???? C

MiniAussie said...

Oh wow!! I've never seen it before - isn't it gorgeous!!

My Realitty said...

It was made in Germany and it is wonderful that many pieces have survived. C

Fabiola said...

These minis are fantastic. I like the decorations.
Bye Faby

Troy said...

Fantastic pieces. I will have to put a Paris flea market on my list of things to do. I am glad you shared these treasures with us.

My Realitty said...

Hi Faby! The junky flea market was fun because you never knew what you would find. The other fancy antique one was dreamy, but tres cher! C

My Realitty said...

Troy, give them a few months to build up their stock after Susan!!!