Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Packing up the I house: Kitchen

 We've had fun, but it is time to go back to your box Little I house.


It just changes it so much to paint it!

Quite a change from the original chair to the painted one. But other than Reac, it is SO HARD to find good mini design. Except for the minimodernista ribbon lamp by Doris Nathanson, and the Paris Renfroe PDR sink unit. I especially love the faucet.

A "french door" refrigerator was just as hard to locate, and defied construction in detail, so once again the hacking answer. Paint.
The floor is vintage DDR German linoleum. The microwave mighty world, and the espresso maker at the edge of the scene, Delph miniatures, England. Mini food Rement, and ebay.


The Old Maid said...

Nice work! Congrats!

Mad For Mod said...

Paint and I are very good friends. It's amazing what just changing the color can do in mini life and big life too!

My Realitty said...

Hi old maid... are you really old??? ;) C I am.

My Realitty said...

I even like to do it with hair... :) C