Friday, March 23, 2012

A letter to my fellow mini house collector, Susan

Susan I know you are lying in the hospital with a spiking fever. I hear you may not be going home till Monday and have one last chemo treatment to endure. Here is a picture of Susan in her wig after her hair fell out. Tres chic, no?

Well if you have followed either of our blogs, hers is Susan's mini homes and is listed in my side bar, you know we spent Christmas in Paris this year. I have been telling her about the detective novels of Cara Black. Cara is a San Francisco native who spent time in Paris.
Her female detective, Aimee Leduc discovers a mystery from each arrondissment in Paris (well not all 20 yet). I am reading "Murder in the Bastille", and one police officer is housed in the Marie in Place Leon Blum, our metro stop. 

There are many wonderful comments like how the crosswalk we used to go to the market once housed a guillotine and the cobblestones ran red with "aristo" blood.

And how the 11e is being corrupted by le caviar gauche who are turning workshops into lofts, like our hostess' place.

But what brings me to writing this post is one of the characters is a
craftsman who works with antiques. He just complained about the new breed of wood workers from the Charles Boulle ecole. The school our Boulle founded. Did you know Charles Boulle created the chest of drawers????? Too funny.

Charles Boulle mean nothing to you? Read Susan's and my last posts! (ok mine is about 6 ago).

These books come in audio version at my library if it is too hard to concentrate and read. They will just have to be our vacations for now until we return to Paris again. Funny how "Boulle" keeps turning up. Especially for you at les marches puces!Cheers! CM


Rebecca said...

Dear Susan, What a fantastic wig! It doesn't look like a wig at all. I hope you recover from the fever very soon, and the final lot of chemo isn't too bad. Warm wishes from Australia!

Hi Carole, Thanks for the info about the detective series! It's not one I've come across, so I will look out for it. Sounds great! and how lovely to recognise places mentioned in it.

My Realitty said...

Hi Rebecca! Love your hippotamus on your roof! C

Rosamargarita said...

Soy seguidora tuya y de Susan.
Mis deseos de su pronta recuperación.
Un fuerte abrazo

Shale said...

It is amazing how it all ties together. Our Paris adventures. Our antique dollhouse adventures. And the mystery. We should write one ourselves.

Shale said...

Thanks Rebecca. I hope to feel better soon so o can go out and wear the wig

Florine said...

So the hair is fake but the beautiful smile is genuine..and comes through every post Susan does.

Just read both of your posts this afternoon and I felt I was right there with you! Can't wait for the 2 of you to go again...cheers to both of you...and your wonderful friendship!

dale's dreams said...

I am so sorry to hear of this, Susan, I hope you are feeling better very, very soon.

I've not been able to spend that much time blog reading as I used to. I am so sorry. :(

Kikka said...

Hi Carole! Long time no see..

You two have a great friendship!
I wish your Friend Susan a very quick recovery so you can go on your travels to Paris.. :)

Warm thoughts from Finland to both of you!

Daydreamer said...

I am sending my wishes for a speedy recovery and strength to endure the final chemo! My sister went through the same this last year. I look forward to seeing more of the wig while your own locks grow again, Susan!
Thanks for being a GREAT Friend, CM!
Watching you two together on your blogs is always fun!! I enjoyed your trip to Paris... and learned something about your Beautiful Boulle Furniture!