Thursday, March 1, 2012

I see some hot pink and I want it painted black...

 Sing like you're Mick.
This is the patio off the I House kitchen. The faux bamboo furniture was hot pink... The planter, an incense burner. The "ghost" chairs" those name card holders from the Lavender and Navy wedding sight. 

Nobody makes a modern umbrella like Mighty world! 

 This white planter is really the tip to my outdoor patio umbrella, notice how it is missing below?

                                I think I'll put it back now ...

Below is how is how the Mighty World umbrella from the set.

Metallic screen from tap plastics a treat from Mini Modern.  C


Fabiola said...

The umbrella looks real. Beautiful work.
Bye Faby

My Realitty said...

Hi Faby, I am racing through these pics as I leave for DC to visit my daughter next Tuesday. Very excited to see her pregnancy "bump" as they call it now! C

Neomig said...

I love this scene!
Best Rgards to you and your daughter

My Realitty said...

Thanks Neomig, there will be pictures... my latest mini project.

Kathi said...

Love this! The umbrella is great. I've been looking for some clear plastic with a pattern or texture.
TAP plastics, huh? I'm there!

My Realitty said...

Kathi you will LOVE it! So many possibilities.C

Heather said...

These scene looks great... and I love the title of this post XD

New follower here :)
And yes, there is way too much Hot Pink in the mini world XD

~ The Majokko Shop