Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Springing about! And more Tynietoy for the Garden

Every Spring I arrange these hand carved daffodil people in my window with flowers. They are made by Rjabnnik on etsy,
and on flickr here.

My Little Assistant is especially enamored with them. Bulbs seem so
magical anyway!

     Thinking of Spring and gardens,  Tynietoy Garden pieces are very hard to find. And valuable...

Rare garden accessories made by Tynietoy
from Ann Meehan

 I have the two benches but finding the other pieces is like finding a needle in a haystack! Or as Ann says about rare Tynietoy pieces, "Like finding hen's teeth!"

          Tynietoy Townhouse with garden from a past Skinner auction catalog

            Tynietoy Arch!  Want!   from past Ron Rhoads auction catalog

Benches, lawn mower and planters, rare!  from past Ron Rhoads Auction catalog.

And I am frustrated because I am bi coastal. I am on the West coast and my Tynietoy House is on the East Coast. To see more go to "Antique & Collectible Dollhouses and their Furnishings", by Dian Zillner & Patty Cooper. pages 157-161, Schiffer Publishing 1998.

 I used to think it was hard herding my collection around one house, now I am spread 3,000 miles apart. My plan is to keep the Tynietoy on the East Coast and the Christian Hacker on the West Coast and everything else in in the Attic. But then I miss my MH1. It is the easiest Modern house to use and it is 1:12.

And then you know I have two blogs. This one and Leftcoastmini for my modern design play. Eek. And My budget has been  torn between the antiques dealers and modern designers too. 

Time for some streamlining.  What? How? I don't know. If I can't play in my Tynietoy right now, you know where I'm headed? The real garden. It is Spring. Cheers CM


Shale said...

Real gardens are wonderful in the spring, but a dollhouse garden can be made 365 days a year and never stops blooming. Have fun with both!!

My Realitty said...

Wise words. CM

Jazzi said...

I world is much more ongoing for our pleasure..x

My Realitty said...

It really is like having a little zen garden to play in. CM