Sunday, October 21, 2012

Christian Hacker Dollhouse

This is an antique Christian Hacker from an old auction catalog. I love the chimneys!


And this is mine I found in San Francisco. Swanjte Kohler told me the balcony was added so I removed it. It has been tarted up but you can see the shapes where the original design was.  I sanded it and think at some point it was a pink and then pickled.
It has the original stove unit and a clean shape on the floor, a footprint where the typical Christian Hacker cupboard once was.
Kitchen with stove unit


Picture of the inauthentic balcony.

The doors and windows are covered in a chalky white paint.

This  is a picture of a Christian Hacker from Ann Mehann's web site.  from her past collection.

picture by Ann Meehan
This is a picture of the classic Christian Hacker cupboard holding beautiful treen dishes. Look at the typical marbled wall paper. 

A final Christian Hacker dollhousefrom Ann Mehann's collection. Look at all the woodwork! 

 She is currently selling this gorgeous fence for $495.00. Wouldn't it look perfect for a Christmas scene?????

This is Susan Hale's Christian Hacker Kitchen with the marbled wallpaper and her wonderful collection of Treen ware! I had the kitchen and dining room reversed . I now have the kitchen on the other side. 

Here are two more examples of Christian Hacker houses from old Theriault's Auction catalogs. Wish I could see the interiors of these ! CM


Shale said...

Thanks for sharing these. I love my Christian Hacker. Furnishing it was fun. I can't wait to see your fully furnished.

My Realitty said...

I am starting with the men's study and the boulle game table you see at the top of the page goes in there. C

Giac said...

I had never heard of this artist but am happy you introuced me to him. what fantastic dollhouses. They are so chamring and just have such an amzing feel tot hem. you can just imagine all the sotries they could tell. So beautifully constructed and decorated.
Thank you for the post.
Big hug,

My Realitty said...

Hi Giac, I know I love them and they are so rare except through antique dealers and auctions. C