Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Today's News is Tynietoy tops the charts

This antique garden made by Tynietoy sold today at Skinner's Auctions for $2,100 before premiums and other charges. It isn't clear to me if the gardens came made for any house or the various styles of houses had their own such as a Nantucket cottage had one style and the Mansion another. We need a definitive book on this don't we!

and the Mansion sold today  for $8,000 or $8,500.00 USD I can't quite remember. My friends had dropped out by then. But here is my question. How many Mansions still exist? I know of 3. 

And why do some of the mansion have this lovely mural and some not? Did they all come with it and some were painted over (horrors!) Would love to know. 

Here is the same mural from a Noel Barret auction with description from June 19 2004.

Lot 330

Tynietoy Colonial Mansion

Sold For $32,500

made in Providence, Rhode Island. The largest of the Tynietoy series of houses. The mansion facade is distinguished by a gambrel roof on the main house as well as the kitchen wing. The front door is decorated by a formal painted double arch supported by columns, panels and a central keystone. The entrance is further ornamented by stenciled fan and side lights. Three dimensional applied shutters, window trim and mullion stenciled Eisenglass windows all add to the feeling of scale. The painted ivory facade reflects the flattened planes of a 20th century interpretation of colonial architecture.The sense of fine scale and heightened realism extends into the details of the interior rooms. The mansion model can be identified by the pastoral mural that spans the walls of the music room. The foregroung depicts exotic trees and flora while in the backround, a clipper ship heads out to sea against a panarama of Oriental mountain peaks. Architectural details are generously allotted to the mansion's interiors. Finely cut cornice and kick board moldings and three dimensional broken arch door pediments add to the 20th century atmosphere. Fireplaces with faux painted overmantle panels in blue and marbleized hearths create realism, as does the stairwell rising to the third floor and returning on itself between each floor, with individually cut stair spindles. The enchanting second floor nursery and adjoining bathroom, nestled in the eaves of the gambrel roof are unique to the mansion model as is the narrow pantry below. A typical 20th century adaption are the French doors on either side of the music room chimney face. The palacetial interior encompasses 13 rooms. The house is made is made of thin painted and stained plywood, c.1920's. Sold with Gottschalk cardboard garden furniture, Tynietoy garden bench, pair of tynietoy boxed brush trees, pair of Gottschalk latticed planters, assorted potted trees and brass fireplace equipment including fenders and andirons. Please note room furishings are sold separately.
32.5" t. x 58" w.
excellent all original condition.

As I am told this house pictured above is not the 

one sold today though they have identical murals.

This seems odd to me as all the painted furniture 

and screens were unique. Was there a special mural 

painter who duplicated the same design. Does 

anyone know? Would love to know more about this 

fabulous line of dollhouses! CM

Update: I queried Tynietoy specialist Susan

Grimshaw from and she told me the 

Mansion murals were copied from an historic house 

in Haverhill, MA. So they were hand painted but 

from the same pattern. Thank you Susan Grimshaw!


Shale said...

I have seen a picture of a different TynieToy mansion with the same mural. Maybe it is wallpaper.

My Realitty said...

Oh clever solution! Wonder how we can find out?

Jazzi said...

okay...out of my price nice to think Jazzi Minis might be a collectors item one day lol!!!

Kathi said...

Wow. I had no idea these houses were so valuable! Maybe I should take out a separate insurance policy on my minis?! They are not worth much now, but later...?

Troy said...

Interesting post. I too have wondered how many of the Tynietoy mansions still exist. I will ask around and let you know if I find out anything. I have a Tynietoy wingback chair arriving any day now that I won on eBay.

My Realitty said...

Jazzi mini will be sleeping in one (the townhouse) when she comes to Washington DC) I can put up a plaque, "Jazzi slept here" like people do for George Washington in historic houses!!!

My Realitty said...

Kathi and realize this is a "down. depressed" market. Anything that is not mass produced or kept in pristine condition can become valuable. Have you read McKendry's History of Dollhouses online? If not google it. C

My Realitty said...

Good for you Troy! You've been bitten. When Neenie came to visit me I gave her an extra Tynietoy rug as a present and I said, "first one's free!"
See why Shale and I had such a wrangle over her Townhouse from Maine? C

Shale said...

Skinner is saying on their website that the mansion sold for $10,200. They must be adding in the premium. They say the garden sold for over $2500. Her is the link ""

My Realitty said...

Wow, I just reported from the auction itself.That is important to point out when you go to write the check...
:0 CM

Anonymous said...

MY tynietoy house does not have a mural. I bought it from Theriult's four or so years ago. I was offered a tynietoy mansion for sale for $10,000, and would have taken it if I could have, but it seemed too much, though I certainly didn't think it was overpriced. I love the furniture and try to buy a few pieces every year. It is very rare that any other dollhouse furniture (except for some artisan creations) maintains its price.
Susan Grimshaw is the best source I know for tynietoy information. I love her site and I"ve purchased many pieces from her.

Unknown said...

I have my mother's 1929 Tynietoy Colonial mansion and the mural is painted and original to the house.