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I am cataloging my 21 doll houses. I am currently residing in Pennsylvania. Very interesting architecture. I visit the East Coast to see my little Grandsons (and my Tynietoy house) and the West Coast to see my Little Assistant. Planning a trip to Paris in the Spring. Love to catch up! C

Sunday, June 23, 2013

What happened here?

Stroller for Nana. Baby Andy enjoyed it! Full story on just wanted
to let you know why I haven't been blogging. C


Kikka said...

So sorry, I hope you a quick recovery!

Rebecca said...

Hope it's getting better and not feeling so painful! The magazine is out - I'll send out the email notification very soon :-)

My Realitty said...

Hi Kikka, I just stepped on my toes and my foot folded under me! Further explanation on left coast mini. Baby A thought it was pretty cool though!C

My Realitty said...

Rebecca You are doing such a great job on the magazine! Love your writing! C