Sunday, October 4, 2015

Chandelier for the Christian Hacker Salon

       The red chandelier is finished for the Christian Hacker Salon.

  Note how I finally mounted the family portraits on the walls.
            They are all of dolls from other doll houses. The black haired Parian doll in the front left is unusual as she is smiling. Even thought it looks like she spilled tea on her skirt...

The ornate bathing screen is relatively new to us and made the journey to New Mexico intact.

And of course there is tea even though it is setting on a Tynietoy table that really belongs in Pennsylvania... I like the faux marble top. It technically isn't old enough for this style house.

But the Christian Hacker made it to New Mexico! So here are a few pictures of my Casita. These are the main Gates to my friend's house.

                             Fountain in the front courtyard 

                                         My little gate.

    My screen door design symbolizes the clouds and the rain.

                       The fountain in my yard by my veranda

More of New Mexico to follow in later posts.
Vaya con Dios, CM


Shale said...

The chandelier looks great in this room. Congrats on a wonderful reproduction. I like all the red furniture and accents

I love the pictures of your casa. So pretty. I hope i can get down to visit sometime.

My Realitty said...

Thanks Shale. We will have to plan that. I think Fall is best. I hear there is a major Tynietoy collector in Albuquerque, how great would that be to see? CM

Daydreamer said...

New Mexico! Wow, new territory to explore for minis! Your chandelier looks great in your house! I hope all your little houses made the move without any problems!

My Realitty said...

Half the houses are in Pennsylvania at my daughters giant basement, several are withmy little assistant. One was given to a little girl who was beyond thrilled and had never had one before and the rest are here. Phew! Beware moving collectors!!! ;0 CM