Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And what about Carolena?

She grew to love living in San Francisco and joined the new Opera Guild.

She heard Charlotta calling from the garden and went to the window. She called to Katie to get down and come to the upstairs salon.

Grandmother Carolena reminded Katie that today was their visit to the Conservatory of Flowers.

Katie loved the exotic plants.
The Conservatory was started in 1878 and by the 1990's had a thriving collection of plants.


Püppilottchen said...

Aha, I hope it wasn´t to boring for Katie?! The adults may like it but the poor children - they had to be like little adults in that peroid of time...


My Realitty said...

That is so true. Good point. But this was the Wild West and even if San Francisco put on airs it wasn't very formal yet. Katie's Grandmother let her play hide and seek in the Conservatory. You know how Grandmother's are...C